Environnement matters to us
Committed to reducing carbon footprint, waste & energy

Sustainable Aviation Services

Committed to reducing carbon footprint, waste & energy

Together to boost decarbonisation

Our industry has a significant role to play on environmental challenges. We believe that by demanding more of ourselves, we can demand less of our planet. Airbus Services, in collaboration with the entire supply chain, is committed to designing and delivering efficient initiatives with the best environmental performance possible, while not compromising your operational efficiency.

Pioneering sustainable aerospace is our target. At Airbus Services, we have developed a wide range of products & services in line with your environmental expectations. Our offer focuses on how we can enhance your Operational Performance by generating additional revenues or optimising costs, while not compromising with the reduction of air travel impacts especially around three domains: 



We guide you on the path to Fuel savings with solutions that are as well supporting Decarbonisation. Navblue and Upgrade services deploy fuel efficiency solutions during the flight and on the ground improving not only carbon footprint but also local air quality. The willingness to reduce the fuel consumption has the power to address two major expectations: climate and costs. 



We offer services to Maintain & Optimize your Material & Assets leading as well to reduce your Waste footprint on parts with Satair, up to the aircraft end of life.



We provide disruptive solutions to expand your routes network while minimising your noise footprint.

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Our Services portfolio

We propose a win/win approach addressing your asset performance' expectations and environmental challenges simultaneously.

Each of our Customers can benefit from our “a la carte” portfolio of services to achieve operational savings. Each service proposed in this page successfully passed a strict environmental footprint assessment. That’s the way we see it to make fast and bold moves, take commitments to sustainable air travel.

A dual benefit to serve you better

Performance / Environment

On the ground

Single Engine Taxi Without APU

For streamlined flight operations




Performance Studies by NAVBLUE

A-Training by NAVBLUE

A-Consulting by NAVBLUE

On Board+ by NAVBLUE

Descent Profile Optimisation (DPO)


Asset optimisation

Aircraft Dismantling & Recycling

Extended Service Goal

Material optimisation

Additive Manufacturing & 3D printing

Used Parts Sales (USM)

Material Seminars


Flight Testing Services

Performance Studies by NAVBLUE

Discover how we can support you at every step of your A320 journey towards sustainability

We collaborate with you to accelerate carbon footprint reduction initiatives

Demand on collaboration around environmental challenges to support our Customers has increased over the past year: You perceived the interest of collaborating with Airbus to support your environmental strategy. For example, regular events are organised by Airbus with your participation - the yearly Fuel Efficiency Forums - to foster exchanges and work together for the reduction of carbon emissions within our full ecosystem (together with Air Navigation Services Providers, Airports, Suppliers…).

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Environment matters for Airbus Services

Environment matters for Airbus Services

We are more than ever engaged to enhance our services offer for Customers wishing to reduce carbon footprint, waste & energy.

We are more than ever engaged to enhance our services offer for Customers wishing to reduce carbon footprint, waste & energy.

Airbus' commitment to environmental protection

Aviation has the power to connect people and cultures and our commitment to pioneer sustainable aerospace is part of Airbus DNA. This is not only reflected in our Services but also throughout everything we do. We are convinced that sustainable air travel is not only possible, but achievable in our lifetime. Discover more on the different environmental topics that matters for Airbus.

Decarbonisation towards more sustainable air travel for future generations

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Product responsibility through the entire lifecycle

Product responsibility through the entire lifecycle

A more sustainable supply chain with responsible sourcing

A more sustainable supply chain with responsible sourcing

On the path towards cleaner and more sustainable flight

Airbus unveils the three zero-emission concept aircraft known as ZEROe. These concepts include turbofan, turboprop, and blended-wing body configurations that are powered by hydrogen propulsion. All ZEROe concepts are hydrogen-hybrid aircraft
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