A220 | Purpose-built for maximum profitability
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A220 | Purpose-built for maximum profitability

Generate more revenue opportunities



The A220’s clean-sheet design delivers 25% lower operating cost per seat. Gain real savings on every single-aisle mission and maximise your profitability.




The A220 brings widebody comfort in a single-aisle cabin and with more seat capacity than its closest competitors. Operators now have even more revenue opportunities to take advantage of.




Further improve your profitability by optimising the A220’s additional revenue opportunities and streamline costs with Airbus’ finance consulting offer and eFF+ by NAVBLUE.



The A220 was designed with one goal in mind, savings for operators. With 25% lower operating cost per seat compared to previous generation aircraft, the A220’s clean-sheet design has delivered an efficient, versatile and profitable aircraft for operators.


Clean-sheet aircraft  

Extensive use of composites and other advanced materials make the A220 lighter. Simplified and highly digital systems bring the aircraft weight down, while improving reliability and maintenance. Combined with the latest aerodynamic design and new generation ultra-high bypass PW1500 GTF engines, the A220 brings unbeatable efficiency without compromising on capability or comfort.


Lower Fuel Burn And Cost Per Seat 3
Designed for the future

The A220 is the low-risk, versatile solution for airlines to rebuild and easily adapt to new levels of demand as the markets slowly open up again in a post-Covid world. 

Purpose-built for flexible operations, the A220 enables airlines to right-size their seat capacity for the right routes, while reducing fuel burn and CO2 emissions by 25%. 

The A220 Family has been designed to be an even better neighbour by also reducing its noise footprint by 50% compared to previous generation aircraft and its NOx emissions are 50% below industry CAEP/6 standards.    


The Airbus A220 represents a perfect fit for our narrow-body fleet. Leveraging its favourable economics including its approximately 25 per cent reduction in fuel consumption per seat, it allows us to look at new markets that were too small for our historical fleet. The A220 will also play a critical role in our recovery.

Mark GARLADO, SVP, Network Planning and Revenue Management at Air Canada



Grow your brand and customer loyalty from gate to gate and take advantage of all the revenue generating opportunities that the A220 can offer. With its unique overhead video displays, connectivity and comfort features, as well as flexible galleys and PRM lavatories, airlines now have all the elements needed to be a true differentiator in the single-aisle market.

Overhead Video Display Crop 2

Overhead video display screens give airlines branding opportunities and an advertising platform.

More capacity

The A220's capacity is an asset to any business model with up to 20 additional seats compared to its closest competitors. With the widest seats and most spacious cabin, the A220 is designed around passenger comfort. From high-density regional routes to long-range high-comfort missions, the A220 has the flexibility to maximise capacity and revenue generation. 

Extra Seats 3

More comfort

Superbly integrated widebody comfort in a single-aisle cabin, the A220 has been designed from the inside out to provide space where it matters most. The A220 has the widest seats and largest windows of any single-aisle and is equipped with the latest wireless IFE and connectivity options to fully cater to today and tomorrow's most modern flyer. With its generous aisle and spacious overhead bins, passengers can benefit from stress-free boarding and larger baggage allowances while achieving even quicker turnarounds for operators.

Bigger Bins 4

Bigger bins

The widest economy class seat

Largest windows

True business class

Discover widebody comfort in a single-aisle cabin




Although the low operating cost and the maximised revenue generation of the A220 already offer extremely attractive financial perspectives, additional solutions are available to take your cost and revenue optimisation to the next level.

Bring Flight Operations to the next level of efficiency

The Electronic Flight Folder solution (eFF+) by NAVBLUE will help you streamline your flight deck operations, while providing saving opportunities.

For a major airline with a mixed-fleet, the use of eFF+ can generate significant savings by optimising fuel reduction, resources, turn-around management, limitation of real estate resources and overall paper elimination.


eFF+ is the NAVBLUE flight briefing solution for pilots, providing mission-centric information, such as: • Operational Flight Plan (OFP) • Filtered NOTAMs and weather information • Last minute change handling functionalities • Flight follow-up (fuel & weight) • En-route alternate management and secondary flight plans • E-reporting (OOOI, air safety report…)

Boost your results with Airbus Finance Consulting

Our Commercial Boost offer is designed for airlines looking for continuous optimisation. A team of highly skilled specialists with an unbeatable access to the market, its data and its best practices assist you in boosting your commercial and branding strategy, with a high impact on the yield and an expected return-on-investment between 6 months and 2 years.

Why choose us?

  • Involvement of Airbus Marketing experts that created Airbus brand worth 14B$
  • Full transparency on assumptions, methods, calculation models, and data used
  • Deep understanding of air transport market evolution
  • An unbeatable access to market data and airlines

If you have been asking yourselves the following questions, we can support you!

  • Which ground and on-board products should I develop to distinguish from competitors? 
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  • How to define an effective pricing strategy?


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