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The A350 Family leverages all the benefits of a clean-sheet design to help widebody operators lower their operating costs by 25% and make a clean start towards a more sustainable and profitable future.

This is made possible from the A350’s unique weight delta advantage against its most direct competitor. The lighter airframe combined with advanced aerodynamics and Trent XWB engines significantly lower fuel burn, CO2 emissions and maintenance costs while optimising range and payload.


A350 Interactive
Intelligent Airframe
Airspace Cabin
Trent XWB Engines
State-of-the-art aerodynamics
The Airbus A350-900, with RR engines. Shaping Efficiency.





Providing ultimate flexibility and versatility to operators, the uncompromised all-new design of the A350-900 delivers on capacity, range and economics. A member of the A350 Family, the A350-900 is an efficient solution on any sector from short-haul to ultra long-haul. In service since 2015 it continues to prove itself, providing airlines with 25% lower cost, fuel burn and CO2 emissions, versus the competition aircraft it replaces.


A350 900 RR AIB V07
Typical 3-class seating 300-350
Range 15.000 km / 8100 nm
Maximum Take-Off Weight
280 tonnes
Engine Rolls Royce Trent XWB

The A350-1000 is the only all-new clean-sheet large widebody aircraft flying today offering operators unbeatable capability, flexibility and efficiency. Thanks to its significant weight delta, intelligent airframe and latest technologies, the A350 also delivers the lowest fuel burn and CO2 emissions versus direct competitor aircraft. Comfortably seating up to 410+ passengers the A350 will continue to shape the future of air travel and future-proof widebody fleets around the world.


A350 1000 RR AIB V07
Typical 3-class seating
Range 16.100 km / 8.700 nm
Maximum Take-Off Weight 319 tonnes
Engine Rolls Royce Trent XWB

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