Powering the A350-1000 are Rolls-Royce Trent XWB-97 engines that allow this largest member of Airbus’ A350 XWB Family to attain high levels of efficiency
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Less Operating Cost. More Capabilities.



The A350’s weight advantage, advanced aerodynamics and Trent XWB engines combine to deliver 25% lower operating costs driven by lower fuel burn and lower maintenance costs.



The A350 Family delivers more capacity, range and payload than any other large widebody family with a flexible cabin that easily adapts to any season.




The A350 Family is a new, clean-sheet widebody designed from nose-to-tail and wingtip-to-wingtip using advanced materials to give the A350 Family an extensive weight delta advantage. Combined with the most efficient large aero engines, reliable systems and state-of-the-art aerodynamics, the A350 delivers 25% lower operating costs to operators in the upper widebody market segment.

Advanced lightweight materials

The A350 Family has been designed using 70% advanced materials ensuring the lowest OWE per seat, directly contributing to the Family’s 25% fuel burn advantage.


A350 Advanced Materials


These advanced materials not only reduce structural weight but also have a direct benefit on lowering maintenance costs where it counts. The extensive use of composite materials and titanium eliminates the risk of corrosion across 70% of the airframe; and together with fatigue-free carbon-fiber based structures reduces tasks during maintenance checks.


State-of-the-art engine

The A350 XWB engine benefits from an entirely new design that notably delivers the lowest Specific Fuel Consumption (SFC) of any large aero-engine in commercial aviation today, directly contributing to lower fuel burn at aircraft level. 

The Trent XWB engine allows for easy dismantling and overhaul thanks to its modular design. Its seven distinct modules permit targeted work-scopes for inspections where maintenance is required and makes it easy to handle in the maintenance facility.

Simple and robust systems

Across all systems covering over 40 avionics functions, electrical networks and hydraulic circuits, the A350 systems architecture has been optimised and simplified by combining the latest technology with highly proven in-service systems.

The A350’s in-built simplicity, contributes to lowering the aircraft weight and increases dispatch reliability, reduces part counts and eases maintainability.

Intelligent airframe

The A350 successfully reduces the airframe maintenance costs by 40%* while minimising downtime for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and increasing overall aircraft operational availability.

*Compared to similarly-sized previous generation aircraft


Heavy Maintenance Checks A350

The A350 has the leanest and most flexible maintenance programme, and allows the aircraft to spend more time in the skies generating revenue.

25 percent DMC Direct Maintenance Cost advantage

The aircraft is a clear replacement for the in-service 777 fleet, providing operators with a maintenance cost step reduction of 25%.




The A350's clean-sheet design gives operators more capabilities than ever before. Optimised seat capacity and unique range capability of the A350 not only deliver the lowest operating cost-per-seat of any widebody but give operators the flexibility for aircraft operations when they need it, where they need it.


Large seating capacity

With trip costs being reduced by 25% versus previous generation aircraft, and seating capacities ranging from 300 to over 425 seats in service today, the A350 Family has the lowest operating cost per seat of any widebody aircraft.

A350-900: the lowest seat-mile cost on every sector

The A350-900 accommodates 352 passengers in a 3-class configuration.

This results in up to double digit seat-mile cost advantage compared to contemporary competing products


900 Seat Mile Cost
A350-1000: the game-changer in large widebody operations

The 7m longer A350-1000 fuselage increases the seating capacity by 50 seats reaching over 400 passengers in 3-class arrangement.

This provides from 15% to 25% lower seat-mile cost compared to competing products. The A350-1000 is a large widebody operating at lower costs than smaller competitor variants, increasing profitability for airlines worldwide while maintaining flexibility for operations.


1000 Seat Mile Cost
More payload and range

The A350 can connect almost any two cities worldwide thanks to its unique range capability. It currently flies the world's longest commercial route, New York to Singapore, while also being used on domestic flights in regions such as Japan. A truly flexible family.


Payload Range New


The A350 Family is the perfect option for operators whether it be for operations on trunk routes, connecting hubs or opening new routes to expand their network. An increase in passenger demand generates the need to increase aircraft capacity. The A350-900 and A350-1000 work together to offer airlines the perfect combination to satisfy this while reducing costs, fuel burn and CO2 emissions.

Additionally, the A350 Family has unlimited ETOPS capability allowing it to fly the most direct routing whilst reducing fuel burn.

Unique cabin comfort

A clean-sheet design, all aspects of the A350 are fully optimised, including the aircraft cabin. A perfect space for passengers and crew, the A350 cabin offers the most comfortable cabin in the skies while maximising the revenue area for operators. High ceilings, renewed air every 2-3 minutes, LED mood lighting and vertical sidewalls are just some of the many elements that help create an environment loved by passengers and crew. 


A350 | Less Operating Cost. More Capabilities. 

The A350 Family is the most flexible and efficient long-range widebody family, flying to all corners of the world with a range of over 8,000nm today.

Its all new clean-sheet design with the latest innovations and technologies deliver lower costs versus the direct competition. The A350 Family is efficient on every sector, from short to long-haul routes, on hub-based and point-to-point networks.

Its payload/range capability is second to none and the versatility of the A350 is appreciated by operators worldwide.




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