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Aircraft Availability | Applicability: Airbus fleet

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In today’s competitive market, it has never been more important to have a memorable and attractive brand, and by far the largest visual application of an airline’s brand is the livery of its aircraft. 


Airbus’ Paint and Livery offer encompasses the following items that can be packaged to suit customer needs:


Offer 1 - New Livery Design

Design a new logo and/or new livery


Offer 2 - Vectorised Drawings   

Conversion of Livery designs into a virtual 3D Airbus mock-up, then 2D vectorized drawings, with 3 levels of complexity (Low, Medium, High)


Offer 3 - Service Bulletin

Delivery of a Service Bulletin that meets production standards approved by the aviation authority


Offer 4 - Toolkit

Delivery of the associated toolkit with patented methods: Mylar™ sheets (multiple usage) and pre-cut Adhesive stencils (single usage). Each set is delivered with descriptive layout documents in order to execute the job accurately.


Offer 5 – Embodiment

Integrated livery offer (1 to 4, if required), overseen by Airbus, who also organises working parties at selected Part-145 painting stations around the world


Offer 6 - On site assistance

On site assistance for embodiment of offer 3 (SB) and/or offer 4 (Kits)


Depending on brand orientation, an airline may simply wish this external decoration to be a strict interpretation of their company’s visual identity, or maybe a fun, colourful, exotic design that represents their warm corporate values or indeed a particularly eye-catching design for a short-term promotional campaign.


The variations of aircraft livery are endless. Whatever the branding strategy an airline may choose, the major considerations are the time and expertise needed in a paint shop to realise these ‘works of art’.


Optimised Aircraft Availability 26 November 2020

Livery 1

Optimised Aircraft Availability 26 November 2020

Livery 2

Optimised Aircraft Availability 26 November 2020

Livery 3


  • Technology - Take advantage of Airbus production line technology used for final painting
  • Time-saving - Save time with the Mylar™ sheets and adhesive stencils
  • Increased aircraft availability - Reduce overall ground time by 20% in comparison to traditional methods
  • Livery Project Management - Optimise operations with a single point of contact


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