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Post-TOT Services

Aircraft Availability | Applicability: Airbus fleet

Airbus Aircraft Family: A300 | A310 | A320 | A330 A340 | A350 | A380

Should you be in the situation that the Lessee was not identified on-time or that an issue is preventing the planned operator to take the aircraft, the aircraft can still be managed by Airbus and re-delivered to the selected operator. All parties benefit from receiving a brand new aircraft. 


The post TOT modification package allows to store the aircraft, define and execute the modifications whilst managing the airworthiness under Airbus CAMO until delivery to the operator. 


This service can cover:

  • Management under Airbus CAMO
  • Parking and Storage
  • Aircraft Modification embodiment
  • Painting / Livery services
  • Re-Delivery of the Aircraft



  • Project Management Expertise - Maintain visibility on your projects and follow your progress provided by Airbus Experts
  • One Single Interface - Avoid the complexities of dealing with multiple partners
  • Asset Management - Maximise asset value and lease rate with no unnecessary aircraft movement
  • One Airbus ecosystem - Benefit from collaboration and adaptability to Final Assembly Line and Aircraft Delivery schedule
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