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Parking and Storage procedures

Aircraft Availability | Applicability: Airbus fleet

Airbus Aircraft Family: A310 | A320 | A330 A350 | A380

The aircraft parking & storage requirements are defined within the Aircraft Maintenance Manual – AMM (for the A350 programme as Maintenance Procedure – MP).

Depending on the parking/storage duration, some specific maintenance procedures and repetitive ground checks will apply.

Operators can be supported in this activity by receiving the schedule of all maintenance procedures and repetitive ground checks (together with the associated Job Cards) as required in Airbus documentation during the aircraft parking and storage.

These requirements may also need to be adapted to the specific conditions of a particular out-of-operation period of a given aircraft.

In these cases, any deviation to the parking & storage procedures require an engineering analysis, which first consists of a technical assessment of the aircraft.

This assessment will result in identifying any alternative action to keep the aircraft to airworthy conditions or any recovery action to return the aircraft to airworthy conditions.

In this frame, Airbus can deliver a justification dossier including all necessary maintenance action required to allow the release-to-service of the aircraft after parking/storage procedure deviations.



  • OEM Capabilities - Optimise storage procedures and management of deviations with Airbus engineering


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