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Airbus Consulting Services

Your partner for safe, sustainable growth


Lead role on driving air transport development: Airbus Consulting Services is the result of a 50 years success story and Airbus' commitment to developing air transport. 

Reduce your cost and improve business margins: From strategic advisory to capability assistance, Airbus Consulting Services brings to you Airbus' OEM expertise, knowledge & date. We help you to understand and face your challenges in order to improve your business margins.

We understand the speed of your business and your business constraints. In less than 24 hours after contacting our airline, airport, MRO or OEM experts you will recieve an response to your query. Our business model is based upon Airbus' knowledge and assets allowing us to propose competitive rates.


"With decades of experience in buying, selling and operating aircraft we are your people in the business, steering you away from problems and allowing you to anticipate and adapt for the future."

Amrish PATHACK, Head of Airbus Consulting Services

Amrish Pathack

Consulting Services


Engineering (CAMO)

On-time performance

Digitalisation & Analytics

Commercial and Branding


Cybersecurity Services

Line Maintenance

EASA Part 145 Certification

MRO Start-up

Supply Chain

Digital Innovation


Airport Strategy

Airport Operations

Airport Security

Airside Infrastructure and Capacity

Facility Management and Real Estate

Airport & Sustainability


Supply Chain


Project Management

Customer Support

Component Repair Shop

Innovation & Digitalisation

Featured Team Members

Nicolas | Principal Consultant | Strategy & Management

Nicolas | Principal Consultant | Strategy & Management

Since 2003 I advise airlines, MRO, airports and OEMs. I’m always keen on supporting companies like yours on defining and sharpening their competitive advantage in the air transport value chain. Michael E. Porter said “Strategy is a set of choices of what to do and what not to do”. I would be very happy on supporting you in making those choices.

Airport Consulting

François-Xavier | Airport Consulting

For more than 10 years, I have supported airlines and airports with a focus on airport operations and economics. By analyzing airport management issues with a global approach covering both operational and strategic dimensions, I am able to build and propose you the most adapted solutions in order to address your current and future challenges.

Alfonso | Consultant

Alfonso | Consultant

Expert in AOC development, Airline Engineering (CAMO), Line/Base Maintenance & MRO optimisation as well as EASA Part 145 certification, I can support you in improving your business and operation performances.


Airbus Consulting Services: Recommendations for pavement (storage area) preservation

The A380 is sized to be compatible with taxiways, runways and parking aprons at airports around the world

Will aircraft retirements create a potential USM goldmine?

Will aircraft retirements create a potential USM goldmine?

Facing Costly Data Uncertainties, the MRO Industry Adopts Blockchain Tech

Facing Costly Data Uncertainties, the MRO Industry Adopts Blockchain Tech

Airbus Engineering and Design Services, your new partner to excel in your industry

From left to right: Dr. Gerd Heller, senior aerodynamics expert at Airbus Commercial Aircraft; Elly Thompson, payloads system engineer at Airbus; and Luca Cossetti, research and technology innovative power solutions specialist at Airbus Helicopters

Cabin air flow and ventilation in an Airbus aircraft: How does it work?

Visual for Cabin crew training courses, digital trainings and turnkey solutions
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Talk with our experts

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