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Two wide-body members of Airbus’ product line of commercial jetliners – the A330neo and A350 XWB – are shown on display at the 2019 Dubai Airshow, joined by a single-aisle A220-300

Consulting for Airlines

Your partner for safe and sustainable growth

Airbus Consulting team will support you in understanding your airline’s landscape and its potential

As undeniably the most global of industries, new opportunities and challenges are always on the airlines’ horizon. In this particularly context-sensitive sphere, agility is vital. From an on-demand economy reshaping passengers’ expectations to pandemics paralysing a borderless world, airlines have to continuously reinvent themselves to survive - and excel.

Our experts are committed to bring Airbus’ intelligence to you through pioneering, effective and actionable solutions. By earning distinctive experiences in Strategy, Corporate and Commercial airlines’ departments around the globe, Airbus Consulting team will support you in understanding your airline’s landscape and its potential. Whether you are willing to propel your start up project into completion or you are a market leader seeking rationalisation and innovation, we offer to maximise your opportunities with sharp organisational, operational and commercial strategies. Our leitmotif is yours: finding the way to sustainable growth together.


Airline Start-up

Airline Start-up

Benefit from the unrivaled expertise of an OEM to launch your start-up airline. From market opportunity identification to implementation, our team will bring Airbus’ big picture of the aeronautic industry and technical expertise to every phase of your project.


We can help you answer these questions:

  1. Is my existing business plan viable? 
  2. How can I strengthen my speech to investors? 
  3. What is the process to obtain an AOC ?


MRX Systems, Rusada, Ramco and Traxxall have signed agreements with Airbus Helicopters enabling their maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) databases to be connected with Airbus systems.

Engineering (CAMO)

Airbus Consulting will guide you and support you in setting up or adapting your CAMO organisation to ensure the airworthiness of your fleet while maximising aircraft availability and minimising maintenance costs. We will support you in establishing a lean organisation with the appropriate tools and compliance with local and international regulatory requirements.

We can help you answer these questions:

  1. What is the basic structure and resources I need to set up my CAMO organisation?
  2. How do I define my maintenance planning strategy and policies? 
  3. What skills and competences are expected for a maintenance planner?
  4. What is the split of roles and responsibilities between CAMO and MRO?


A330neo : Medium altitude test

On-time performance (OTP)

On-time Performance (OTP) has a direct impact on your airline efficiency and its brand image. Our experts will support your teams in improving OTP by identifying and eliminating organisational and operational pain points and assessing the ability to deal with disruptions until recovery of nominal operations.

We can help you answer these questions:


  1. How does my OTP (including Operational Reliability/Dispatch Reliability) compare against industry OTP (best-in-class performance, average industry performance)?
  2. How does my Airline way of working differ from other comparable airlines in areas where QR is underperforming?
  3. What actions should my Airline take to bring its performance to best-in-class taking into account the specific context my Airline operates in?


Digitalisation & Analytics

Digitalisation & Analytics

Innovation is in Airbus’ DNA. Our engineers can help you collect, aggregate and analyze passenger and flight data by designing powerful machine learning algorithms. These powerful decision-making tools will enable to optimise costs, fine-tune strategy and maximise revenues of your airline.

We can help you answer these questions:

  1. What does ticketing data reveal from my customers? 
  2. What are the benefits of a CRM? 
  3. How connected aircraft can help improve my revenue?


For specific cabin upgrade requiring new monuments, Airbus Services partners with its subsidiary Airbus Interiors Services (AIS) offers packages of tailored equipment.

Commercial and branding

Airline business is no longer limited to ticket sales. With the increasing application of retailing techniques, airlines have to redouble their efforts to propose disruptive product and services, inspire customers and optimise their multi-channel revenues. Our Consulting team will bring onboard the marketing experts that created Airbus brand worth 14 billion $ to design a state-of-the -art commercial strategy for your airline.

We can help you answer these questions:

  1. How to make a successful branding strategy? 
  2. Which ground and on-board products should I develop to distinguish from competitors? 
  3. Who are my customers? What are their needs?


Business team present. Investor working new startup project. Finance meeting.


High costs, high revenues, low profit margin. This is the truth of airlines finance. In this particularly volatile and sensitive context, Airbus Consulting is devoted to draw with your teams a financial strategy that will bring agility and security to your airline.

We can help you answer these questions:

  1. How can I improve my financials?
  2. In view of a future IPO, how much is my company worth?
  3. Which aircraft sourcing strategy should I choose?


Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity Services

Airbus Cybersecurity Services can help you accelerate and optimise the deployment of your Security Management organisation, in order to be compliant with local authorities and mitigate risks, as well as associated impacts.

We can help you answer these questions:


  1. How can I prepare my team against new cyber threats?
  2. How can I prepare my operations against new cyber threats?



Talk with our experts

Talk with our experts

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