Security Handbook Services

Aircraft Availability | Applicability: Airbus fleet

Airbus Aircraft Family: A300 | A310 | A320 | A330 | A340 | A350 | A380

Prepare your operations

Airbus Cybersecurity Services help you secure your aircraft communications and operations and ensure your processes and organisation fully comply with security regulations.

Implementing the requirements from the Security Handbook can be challenging.

We are here to support you during this phase, by designing, assessing or auditing your Security Management implementation.



  • Define Security Handbook compliance strategy
  • Translate Security Handbook into processes, policies and documentation


  • Review organisation and processes to optimise Security management
  • Validate Security Handbook translation into processes


  • Accelerate and optimise deployment of Security management organisation, processes and tools
  • Validate Security Handbook implementation


  • Accelerate and optimise the deployment of your Security Management organisation, processes and tools
  • Mitigate safety risks and potential aircraft availability impacts (e.g. delays, AOG)
  • Compliance with local authorities
  • Stand-alone or paired options depending on your needs


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