eTech 3D Repair

Aircraft Availability | Applicability: Mixed fleet | Provided by: Airbus Services

Airbus Aircraft Family: A300 | A310 | A320 | A330 | A340 | A350 | A380 | Other 

eTech 3D Repair is an Airbus end-to-end software solution for recording, assessing, monitoring and reporting structural damages, with the following main features:

  • Complete view of aircraft with all damages and their history
  • Damage creation is made quicker as the accurate position, ATA chapter, Section name and other metadata are filled by just clicking on the smart and intuitive 3D models
  • Direct link to Airbus Documentation (SRM), Drawings and to Supplier’s documentation
  • Direct link to Airbus TechRequest; no need to re-create the dossier in TechRequest
  • Import of Concession damages & Legacy/Repair Manager data and thus it’s a one place to manage all damages   
  • Various reports, including Dent & Buckle available in PDF in a printable format   
  •  Ability to manage 3D models from other OEMs (subject to the availability of 3D models from other OEM in specific format)
  • In-app and email notification & alerts
  • Link with Ground Support Equipment tools (LineMAP, LineSizing) for damage mapping and dimension
  • Some of the parameters are configurable by Admin role

Airbus eTech 3D Repair



  • Increasing reactivity to solve structural damages 
  • Reducing lead-time reporting
  • Improving fluidity and flexibility in data exchange
  • Easing fleet wide data analysis
  • Improving aircraft availability by reducing delays & cancellations due to structural damages
  • Maximizing aircraft residual value by keeping full records of repairs and allowable damage in a central repository
  • Better interaction with mechanics through mobile devices
  • Very limited IT constrains
  • Connected to Airbus tools
  • Getting rid of paperwork
  • Ensuring full damages traceability
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