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The tool to help you comply with CORSIA


The CORSIA (Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation) monitoring and reporting App allows the Airlines to easily comply with CORSIA requirements, in effect since January-1 2019. This App provides a suite of visualisations tools and tables that can be exported to ease the annual reports submission. 

Data collection and quality are at the essence of Skywise: thanks to CORSIA, Airlines now have access to an integrated tool that mirrors the ICAO reporting template, providing accurate carbon emissions monitoring and easy reporting. Direct link to objects in Skywise can also be created for even more detailed reporting. 



  • Investigation of individual flights and aircrafts using the Object Explorer
  • End-to-end reporting by integrating estimation models to fill in data gaps
  • Detection of irregular fuel consumption 
  • Selection of any of the five methods of calculation on a per aircraft type basis


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