Skywise Health Monitoring

Aircraft Availability | Applicability: Airbus fleet

Airbus Aircraft Family: A320 | A330 A350 | A380 

Skywise Health Monitoring hosted on Skywise, gathers live diagnostic feeds from the aircraft through its ACARS* link to the airline’s information system.

Using the power of the Skywise aviation data platform, Skywise Health Monitoring collates and centralises the alerts, flight-deck effects, maintenance messages etc., prioritises them, correlates any faults with the relevant troubleshooting procedures, highlights operational impacts, provides the maintenance history of the system (from the logbook and MIS** information collected through Skywise Core and stored in the data lake), allowing effective tracking of the alerts.

Skywise Health Monitoring will support airlines’ Maintenance Control Centers, Line Maintenance and Engineering departments in identifying, prioritising, analysing and handling in-service events, enabling quicker decision-making and preparation of the optimal solution to ensure aircraft on-time dispatch and minimising AOG risks.

Overall, Skywise Health Monitoring saves airlines time and decreases the cost of unscheduled maintenance. Natively interfaced with Skywise Predictive Maintenance and Skywise Reliability Service to provide an integrated user experience, and also ready to harness the new on-board Flight Operations and Maintenance Exchanger (“FOMAX”) data router which can capture over 20,000 real-time aircraft parameters, Skywise Health Monitoring enables end-to-end unscheduled event management/fixes, for example by anticipating tools and parts’ availability closest to the aircraft.

*ACARS = Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System

**MIS = Maintenance Information System

Skywise Digital Services


  • Enabling the real-time management of aircraft events and troubleshooting
  • Allowing prioritisation and tracking
  • Increasing dispatch reliability
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