Maintenance Integrated Training Solution

Aircraft Availability | Applicability: Airbus fleet

Airbus Aircraft Family: A320 | A330 | A340 | A350 | A380

Airbus maintenance experts are continuously working to improve our services portfolio integrating the latest training concepts and teaching techniques devoted to operators and MROs.  

Especially developed to answer your needs, discover our innovative Integrated Training Solutions and benefit from Airbus quality standards at your base!


Virtual Engine Run-Up

Jump on board with Virtual Reality!


This new solution co-developed with AFI KLM E&M uses virtual reality in Engine Run Up (ERU) courses, significantly reducing the need for Full Flight Simulator (FFS) sessions required for the ERU qualification.

ERU Virtual Reality means airlines have more training slots to choose from, with more flexibility and at a lower cost than sessions which require FFS. This training solution also results in enhanced efficiency and knowledge retention. 

It offers better sequencing of theoretical and practical sessions adapted from the training syllabus, in place of the typical format of theoretical training followed by 4 hours of FFS sessions.

It is first deployed for the A320 Family, across the Airbus Maintenance Training network and at Customer’s base.



Airbus Competence Training (ACT) Suite

Benefit from Airbus quality standards at customer home base, to address internal staff initial and recurrent training with the ACT Suite integrated solution. Make savings with solution by limiting travel expenses and reducing practice on the Aircraft by 50%.

Bringing the Aircraft into the Classroom thanks to an all-in-one solution including:

  • The ACT Trainer software
  • Airbus developed courseware
  • AMIC course instructors proficiency
  • Software & courseware updates
  • Turnkey on-site deployment
  • Advisory service
  • Continuous support


Maintenance Integrated Solution

An adapted version of the solution, ACT for ACADEMY, is also available for Schools and Universities: Familiarize your students to the latest Airbus aircraft technology and maintenance procedures! 

Give them access to state of the art technology and  “bring the Aircraft into the classroom” concept, which enables practical and interactive sessions in a virtual 3D environment.




  • Limited travel & living expenses
  • No need for training material development & update
  • Eased competencies management
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