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Aerostructures Inspection Expertise

Aircraft Availability | Applicability: Mixed fleet | Provided by: TESTIA

Aircraft Family: A300 | A310 | A320 | A330 | A340 | A350 | A380 | Other

TESTIA’s award-winning span of services includes assistance from Non Destructive Testing and Aerospace experts to support your staff and operations. Trust reknowned experts and rely on our going-beyond mindset!

In-Service Inspections

Call and use our staff anywhere and at anytime! We have Part145 EASA/FAA dual release for inspections.

Our pool of certified technicians is available to support your operations 24/7 worldwide. We have a large team with over 150 technicians worldwide who can provide Non Destructive Testing Inspections in all methods: UT, ET, PT, MT, RT and IRT.

TESTIA experts aim at providing you with extra efficiency and quality thanks to our Aerospace-specific inspections tools that we develop.

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Responsible Level 3

In addition to Inspections Services, TESTIA also offers a consultancy support from a team of Level 3 experts.

Every organization performing Non Destructive Testing needs a Responsible Level 3 to validate procedures, trainings and audits. You can outsource this expertise to our team in order to benefit from their experience across the industry and their external eye, which they developed after decades on the field.

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Aerostructures Inspection Expertise


  • PART145 / FAR145 certified
  • All NDT Methods
  • Level 3 expertise
  • Cost-reduction oriented and going-beyond spirit
  • Experienced and certified staff dedicated to aerospace 
  • Available worldwide 24/4


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