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Engineering & Design Services  

Engineering & Design Services

We are a leading international wind tunnel engineering and test service provider

Engineering & Design Services  

Engineering & Design Services

We can deliver a range of engineering services in the field of environmental testing equipment and systems

As Official Innovation Partner of ORACLE TEAM USA, Airbus is sharing its know-how in such fields as aerodynamics, instrumentation and simulation, composites, structures, hydraulics and data analysis  

Engineering & Design Services

As a global aerospace pioneer, Airbus is proud of its successful innovation partnership with ORACLE TEAM USA.

Airbus Engineering & Design Services, your new partner to excel in your industry 

Airbus’ innovative engineering solutions that have been developed since the company's creation 50 years ago are now being offered to other industries such as:  Automotive, Medical, Nuclear, Wind Energy, Sailing, Rail Transport, Space, Military, Oil & Gas.

We support our Customers' projects through four axes:

  • Engineering expertise gives you access to Airbus' engineering know-how 
  • Laboratory testing gives you access to Airbus' test facilities and helps you test your equipment and systems by reproducing real environment conditions 
  • Instrumentation Services provides you with a wide range of solutions in test instrumentation
  • Flight testing gives you access to Airbus' flight test centre to test your own equipment and to design end-to-end prototypes


In 2019 Engineering & Design Services achieved 139 projects with 68 customers across various industries

Transportation and communication network concept.

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Airbus' expertise tailored to your industry needs

Engineering Expertise

Airbus' engineers support you in your projects using various engineering competences 


From left to right: Dr. Gerd Heller, senior aerodynamics expert at Airbus Commercial Aircraft; Elly Thompson, payloads system engineer at Airbus; and Luca Cossetti, research and technology innovative power solutions specialist at Airbus Helicopters

Engineering Expertise

  • Structure & Material (Design & Stress, etc.)
  • Fluid dynamics & modelling
  • Systems design, troubleshooting, data analysis
  • Product environment (acoustics, vibration, etc.)
  • Prototyping (3D printing plastic and metal)


Laboratory Testing

We give you access to the Airbus Laboratories and our test engineer experience through the following means


The Airbus Engineering Design & Services initiative offers the company’s knowledge and skills to other industry sectors – including automotive – that can benefit from its unrivalled expertise, as illustrated by this wind tunnel evaluation of a motorcycle

Wind Tunnel

The Wind Tunnel can be used for performance testing, handling qualities assessments and powered engine campaigns. We are able to offer a large number of advanced measurement techniques including Particle Image Velocimetry.

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Environmental Testing

Environmental Testing

Airbus has acquired a unique expertise in performing a wide range of environmental simulation tests. We are able to perform environmental testing of equipment and systems such as: overpressure & vacuum, wide temperature range, thermal shock, high humidity range, corrosion.

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Electrician testing wires

Electrical testing

Airbus propose a wide range of electrical testing services:

  • Dielectric
  • Characterisation
  • Endurance
  • Abuse cases




We give you access to our instrumentation shops and associated expertise


Instrumentation Services

Instrumentation Services

Airbus is recognised in instrumentation testing and offers a wide range of tests even on specific topics: sensors, acquisition, processing, connectivity, recording and data analysis.

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Flight Operations

We give you access to our years of experience in aircraft and UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) flight testing


Envoye a Easyjet

Flight Testing

The Airbus flight tests centre features all expertises and competencies to define, develop and safely execute test programmes, including management of regulatory requirements, flight clearance and fly permit aspects.

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Drone inspection comes to A320 FAL in Mobile Alabama

Drone Operations

Airbus proposes Drone Operations in highly regulated context like airports or in sensitive areas.


  • Engineering and Design Services tailored to your industries
  • Access to all Airbus engineering expertise, test equipments and facilities
  • Offer backed by one of the largest aerospace groups in the world
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