Instrumentation Services

Applicability: Aeronautics | Automotive | Medical | Nuclear | Wind Energy | Sailing | Rail Transport | Space | Military | Oil & Gas

Airbus Services offers a wide range of solutions and expertise in test instrumentation domain

In Aeronautics, Airbus is recognised in fundamental testing discipline: Aerodynamics, Stress, Acoustic, Vibrations, Thermics, Electronics, etc.

Capitalising on this expertise, Airbus decided to open access to its engineering know-how to other industries facing same requirements.

We address all test instrumentation aspects, even on specific topics like sensors, acquisition, processing, connectivity, recording and data analysis.

We always look towards new technologies and innovations (IoT, MEMS, Wireless, Smart Objects, BigData, Connectivity, etc.) to develop state-of-the-art solutions for our Customers.

Thanks to our instrumentation capabilities and our highly qualified engineers, we are able to answer a wide range of your needs, to prototype in short period of time with fully customised solutions.


High Density Pressure Measurement internal use
Consulting services 04 July 2018

High Density Pressure Measurement

BelugaXL : FTI (Flight Test Installation)

  • High Resolution
  • Low Resolution
Consulting 26 January 2021

Acquisition Systems

Consulting services 01 September 2014

Cabin Comfort Instrumentation

A350 : ramp noise tests

Consulting 03 June 2020

Aerodynamics testing

Aerodynamics testing using high density pressure measures (MEMS technology)

Consulting services 21 February 2020

Acquisition systems

IVI Innovation Room


  • Fully customised solutions 
  • Offers a wide range of solutions and expertise in test instrumentation domain
  • Possibility to receive a prototype in a short period of time
  • Benefit from all the instrumentation capabilities using latest technologies 


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