Wind Tunnel Services

Applicability: Aeronautics | Automotive | Medical | Nuclear | Wind Energy | Sailing | Rail Transport | Space | Military | Oil & Gas 

Facility Location: Filton, United Kingdom | Bremen, Germany

Airbus Services is pleased to offer a range of Engineering & Design Solutions including the Wind tunnel that can be used for performance testing, handling qualities assessments and powered engine campaigns

The Airbus wind tunnel team is highly experienced and capable, taking pride in innovating and developing new wind tunnel technology, model designs, model manufacturing processes and measurement techniques to the highest standards. 

Using the expertise from our Bremen, Filton and Toulouse sites, we can respond to varied testing needs, complex requirements and short turnarounds. 

The team carries out the full end-to-end process of design, structural analysis, manufacture and, of course, the operational testing of wind tunnel models. We have a number of very capable, experienced test leaders, who coordinate both our in-house tests plus the work we carry out at external facilities.

Wind Tunnel testing in Filton


Learn how wind tunnel testing helps Airbus engineers to better understand the overall design of the E-Fan X demonstrator, and the effects of air as it moves over and around the test model. Read less Read more


This tunnel has a working section of 3.05m (h) by 3.65m (w) by 8.5m (l), and is powered by a 2MW fan motor, giving speeds up to 97m/s (0.29 mach). High speed or higher Reynolds number work is led by us as the customer at external wind tunnels around Europe and beyond. The tunnel can be used for performance testing, handling qualities assessments and powered engine campaigns. We are able to offer a large number of advanced measurement techniques including Particle Image Velocimetry.

We love to be the pioneers, as we did with 3D printing technology, installing our first machine over 20 years ago. Virtually all of the 3D printed components on Airbus wind tunnel models are now made in house in Filton, either in plastic or metal, depending on the application and we support the wider business from fuel systems to wing structures to flight test. We already have a large number of internal customers across the Airbus Group and external customers in various industries outside of Airbus.

We can support any need in various industry so feel free to contact us.

Commercial Aircraft 02 March 2020

Airbus’ Engineering Design & Services initiative

The Airbus Engineering Design & Services initiative offers the company’s knowledge and skills to other industry sectors – including automotive – that can benefit from its unrivalled expertise, as illustrated by this wind tunnel evaluation of a motorcycle

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Innovation 22 January 2020

E-Fan X wind tunnel testing in Filton, UK

The wind tunnel testing for the E-Fan X was carried out at Airbus’ wind tunnel centre in Filton, UK. All Airbus aircraft undergo wind tunnel testing at this centre.

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Consulting 30 January 2019

Wind Tunnel

Filton UK Wind Tunnel

Innovation 22 January 2020

E-Fan X wind tunnel test model

The E-Fan X demonstrator is based on a BAe 146 aircraft. This wind tunnel model was part of the original design and certification of that aircraft.

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  • Complete package can be proposed from 3D modelling, through mock-up creation until wind tunnel test and data analysis by an integrated, capable and highly experienced engineering team
  • Easier and cheaper than performing a flight test in aeronautics domain 
  • Test tailored to your needs and industry: many parameters can be adjustable (wind speed, in certain wind tunnels also temperature and pressure)
  • Lots of different technics available for flow visualisation
  • Extensive instrumentation options and experience, applicable not just to the aeronautics industry
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