Maintenance provisioning documents

Aircraft Availability | Applicability: Airbus fleet

Airbus Aircraft Family: A320 | A330 A340 | A350 | A380

For the operation of the in-service fleet, Airbus offers a variety of planning services to enhance material availability for maintenance events. Airbus ensures that, for both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, customers can get all the material they need without jeopardising the planned aircraft ground-time.

  • Fly Away Kit Recommendation:

A selection of the most needed spare parts for onboard storage, based on the Recommended Spare Parts List (RSPL) and customer usage parameters. The range of spare parts within this kit covers LRU, LMP, STD, Tooling as well as efficient repair kits. All selected parts are based on ETOPS and MEL requirements as well as a long Airbus provisioning experience. This recommendation is set for operation to destinations without maintenance support.

  • Airbus Material Maintenance Forecast (AMMF):

A customised material recommendation to provision the right material for heavy maintenance events (C-Check or Structural Overhaul) and reduce the amount of high priority and AOG orders. This forecast integrates consumption data from more than 2200 maintenance events from more than 120 Airbus operators worldwide and is adjusted for aircraft age, effectively of Spare Parts for specific Aircraft (Manufacturer Serial Numbers), utilisation profile and environmental conditions, and is tailored to the maintenance work package.

  • Airbus Component Replacement Data (ACRD):

A document which is reflecting all necessary items, the customer will need for replacing all positively recommended LRUs in the customers' RSPL. It consists of tools, expendables consumables and ground support equipment. The ACRD is based on the latest revision of RSPL, AMM (Aircraft Maintenance Manual) and IPC (Illustrated Parts Catalogue).

Maintenance Provisioning


  • Reduction of orders on AOG and high priority basis
  • Decreases the cost of maintenance material by enabling advanced / early purchasing at best market price
  • Provision the right material for heavy and base maintenance events and secure higher material availability
  • Reward scheme for data sharing
  • Prevention of delays during maintenance event due to missing material
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