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Aircraft Availability | Applicability: Mixed fleet

Aircraft Family: A320 | A330 | A340 | A350 | A380 | Other

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  • Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) New Condition: A part, assembly or end item which can be readily changed on an aircraft during line maintenance operations. LRUs are considered as economically repairable and can be returned into a serviceable condition. Rotable LRUs are supported by a Component Maintenance Manual (CMM). A list of applicable LRUs can be found in the Recommended Spare Parts List (RSPL).
  • Line Maintenance Part (LMP) New Condition: A Line Maintenance Breakdown Part is a sub-component of an LRU (Line Replaceable Unit) which may be replaced without removing the LRU from the aircraft. Depending on its complexity, an LMP can be repairable or expendable. A list of applicable LMPs can be found in the Recommended Spare Parts List (RSPL).
  • LRU and LMP Used Condition: Airbus is offering certified used and surplus material for about one year. In order to support best the operators in reducing inventory and maintenance costs and support AOG assistance, Airbus offers a portfolio that includes both Airbus structural parts and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) components in a certified serviceable condition.


Component sales
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