Aircraft CES parts sales

Aircraft Availability | Applicability: Mixed fleet | Provided by: SATAIR

Airbus Aircraft Family: A220 | A320 | A330 | A340 | A350 | A380 | Other

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Materials identified as raw material, composites and chemicals are indicated as Consumables & Expendables and are handled within the Airbus standard parts team. These materials cover, for example, metal extrusions and profiles, plastic extrusions, wires, cables and protection, seals and strips, insulation material, tapes, paints, adhesives and lubricants, switches and hoses.

Aircraft CES


  • Competitive and cusomised prices agreements
  • Global Airbus ordering volume$
  • Worldwide sourcing including rare parts, 24/7/365
  • Order Flexibility
  • Stable prices without contractual binding    
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