APU Installation Trolley

Aircraft Availability | Applicability: Airbus fleet | Provided by: Airbus Services

Aircraft Family: A320

GSE Family: System


The APU Installation Trolley is designed to hold, support and move an APU for instance from the aircraft maintenance area to a loading area.

The APU installation trolley is mobile, providing a free work area from both sides and feature a tow bar for moving to and from workshop.

Furthermore, an APU dummy frame can be provided to allow operators to perform the periodical load test on their own preventing potential extra cost to load-test the device.

General Features

  • Park brake system
  • Shock absorbers
  • Inflated wheels for enhanced APU cushioning
  • Tow bar to handle either by a truck or by hand
  • Forklift interface
  • Compatible to all AIRBUS Single Aisle APU’s
  • APU removal/installation capable as per AMM using lower jacks (red)
  • APU transportation (between workshop) capable using APU support arms (green)
  • APU dummy frame for periodical test
  • Storage for APU brackets


AGU Instl 1


  • Risk mitigation of product damage
  • Facility of carriage, lifting and lowering actions
  • Cost savings: 

                - Reduced number of working force

                - One tool for installation and periodical load test

  • Time savings: 

                - Reduction of preparation and installation steps

                - Positioning precision


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