Line Map

Aircraft Availability | Applicability: Airbus fleet | Provided by: Airbus Services

Aircraft Family: A350  

GSE Family: Operator Support

Line MAP is a  solution for localisation of damage on composite aircraft.

Due to the lack of surface features on composite aircraft structures, identifying the location of the damage can be difficult.

Line MAP answers this problem by integrating the aircraft Digital Mock-Up for precise damage location

General Features

The Line Map tool is comprised of a tablet PC and a measuring device.

The measuring device is attached to the aircraft where the damage has occurred. Once installed the user follows instructions displayed on the tablet to select predetermined reference points and using the measuring device make the measurements. Line Map will then calculate the exact location based on the 3D Digital Mock-Up and allow the user to take pictures to be attached to the damage report.

The main features are:

  • Rugged Tablet (IP65) for user interface, analysis and results display
  • Measuring device with:

                - Draw wire with accuracy of ≤1mm and repeatability +/- 0.15 mm

                - Angular encoder

  • Waterproof and ingress protection to IP65 for used outdoors and in workshop
  • Body harness for safe and comfortable use
  • Imbedded A350 3D Digital Mock-Up
  • No calibration needed, only periodic verification using the verification plate
GSE 27 January 2021

LineMAP 1

Line MAP is a solution for localisation of damage on composite aircraft.

Discover the Tools Line Family developed by Airbus


  • Cost savings and workforce optimization 

                - No distructive testing certification workforce

  • Time savings and quicker aicraft availability

                - Faster inspection: 5-15 minutes per inspection

                - Automatic inspection and on hand documentation and 3D model 

                - Planification time for a certified workforce eliminated

  • Precision and reliability for damage location: 20cm to 5mm


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