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Line Sizing Map Combo

Aircraft Availability | Applicability: Airbus fleet | Provided by: Airbus Services

Aircraft Family: A350

GSE Family: Structure


This Combo kit contains Line MAP and Line SIZING GSE.

Line MAP tool enables damage location to be completed in 5-15minutes and significantly increases damage location accuracy.

Line SIZING tool is an easy to use device, which enable B1 or equivalent mechanics to perform damage sizing on A350 monolithic CFRP. It uses an ultrasonic C-scan to assess the composite without interpretation needed as the tool automatically measure the damage area and displays results.

Discover the GSE & Tools Line Family



  • Cost savings and workforce optimization 

                - No destructive testing certification workforce

  • Time savings and quicker aicraft availability

                - Faster inspection: 5-15 minutes per inspection

                - Automatic inspection and on hand documentation and 3D model 

                - Planification time for a certified workforce eliminated

  • Precision and reliability for damage location: 20cm to 5mm


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