Tool Lease and Repair

Aircraft Availability | Applicability: Mixed fleet | Provided by: SATAIR

Airbus Aircraft Family: A320 | A330 | A340 | A350 | A380

Manage unscheduled maintenance with the right task at the first time

Airbus offers repair and lease services for Airbus and supplier tools.

  • Tool repair:

We offer a full range of repair capabilities for more than 1200 Airbus and supplier tools with a quick turnaround time (TAT) ensuring your in-time tool availability and consequently a return to operation of your aircraft as soon as possible.

  • Tool lease:

Airbus offers an extensive selection of tools with more than 5500 Part Numbers worth about 100 million USD, which are available both for Airbus and non- Airbus fleet. Tool Lease Service also regularly invests in new stock to support current operators and the growing fleet such as A350, A320neo and A330neo.

  • Tools Lease Service Solution (LSS):

Inspections for a Service Bulletin (SB) embodiment regularly take more than 200 days. To cope with such long-term maintenance tasks and also with the uncertainty of some additional checks, it is more cost-effective and convenient to directly lease from a wide pool of parts and tools.



  • A modular offer
  • Airline processes oriented
  • User friendly
  • Get access to aircraft data in real-time
  • Provide powerful functions to monitor aircraft systems performance
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