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Assisting you to safely operate your Airbus fleet

Every success story starts with strong collaboration and trust.

Our Customers are increasingly under pressure to optimise costs and improve operational efficiency. As a result, most of them are more and more seeking for a trusted partner to bring added value to their daily business. From Day 1 and even before, we care and ease your operations. Airbus Services sets the standard for the best-in-class services by adopting a long-term collaborative approach with every single customer. Providing around-the-clock care and regional customer support, Airbus’ diverse and talented team is determined to spread value and expertise consistently. For Airbus, establishing high-quality and continuous relationships across its global customer base is paramount.

Customer Focus


With our Core Services, you can rely on a team of around 5500 experts spread over more than 150 different locations to support the fast-growing operated fleet, contributing to safe, reliable and economical operations of your Airbus aircraft. Our non-stop collaboration is leveraged by all the essential documentation and digital means you need to improve and seamless the way we exchange and decide what is the most accurate solution for you. Read less Read more

Building together a long-term partnership


Core Services’ prime objective is to assist our customers operating safely and profitably their Airbus fleet. Every customer is assigned with a Customer Support Director who acts as a focal point and coordinates the implementation of any necessary assistance to support an operational need. In addition, more than 300 field service representatives are positioned in over 150 cities, near the airline they serve. This proximity is strengthened by Airbus’ robust international network of support, training, maintenance and engineering facilities, as well as its materials and logistics centres, providing you a global and end-to-end support around the world.

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Smooth Entry-Into-Service & Safe Operations


Committed to the highest customer satisfaction from the very beginning, Airbus Services supports all its customers in assessing their needs and manage the definition of support clauses linked to each aircraft purchase agreement. We support aircraft operations from entry-into-service preparation and throughout the whole operational life.

Our Core Services offer handles all activities around aircraft entry-into-service preparation, training initial package, spare parts initial provisioning, technical data package.

Following the aircraft delivery, our team of experts will ensure the resolution of in-service issues, deliver all contractual support and help you to understand to best-in-class suite of services and solutions you can deploy at your premises, from aircraft service bulletins up to fuel efficiency solutions.

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We support your Airbus aircraft from A to Z

Your Entry-Into-Service with Airbus

Initial Provisioning Solutions

Technical Documentation Package

Aircraft on Ground Technical Support

Training Standards & Network

Planned Maintenance Services

Fleet Monitoring & In-Service Expertise

Airbus Airworthiness Documentation

24/7 support worldwide with AIRTAC (Airbus Technical Aircraft-on-ground Centre)

24/7 support worldwide with AIRTAC (Airbus Technical Aircraft-on-ground Centre)

Aircraft On Ground Technical Support

Aircraft On Ground Technical Support

More than just providing a technical answer, our new structure AIRTAC 2.0 assists you end-to-end, until the aircraft returns to normal operations.

Core Digital Solutions

Airbus XO Connected Fleet

Airbus Services is at the heart of aviation' digital evolution. Being an Airbus Customer will allow you to get access to disruptive and leading-edge digital tools. From AirbusWorld and TechRequest up to turnkey digital services like Skywise Core, you can explore the potential of new technologies, collaborate, decide and support your entire ecosystem. Our Core digital services will help our Customers to prepare their transformation that will lay the foundation of competitiveness in an even more digital world. A rapid growing and comprehensive offer providing the best digital services for today and tomorrow, combined with Airbus' intimate aerospace expertise.

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