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Your tailored web portal to reach all Airbus on-line data & services

Airbus World

AirbusWorld is the primary customer portal for Airbus aircraft operators and owners, MROs and airworthiness authorities.


Relying on a wide range of applications and functionalities, AirbusWorld allows quick and easy access to all Airbus technical data and services to help customers define and receive, operate, maintain, upgrade and optimise their fleet, as well as collaborate with Airbus in a timely manner. 


This single web access point to all Airbus on-line data and services ensures a streamlined & personalised experience for each user. With the aim of providing a unique user experience, you will discover and connect to an intuitive and user-friendly interface giving access to 365/24/7 services and a dedicated help desk support centre to manage any of your portal queries.


Airbus Services proposes a specific training course to develop your knowledge on the best way to use portal functionalities and online services. This course ensures a smooth and efficient implementation of AirbusWorld as a daily working tool, covering most of operators’ activities through a wide catalogue of apps focusing on Aircraft Customisation & Delivery, Maintenance & Engineering, Flight Ops, Training, Material Provisioning and much more.

AirbusWorld 16 March 2020

Airbus World Stock Image


  • Easy on-line access to key tools, data and materials to support your daily activities
  • Contextualization and efficient search to give you the right piece of info in a few clicks
  • A single online access point for all Airbus Customers
  • Smart management of users access centralised to a dedicated focal point within your company
  • Reactive help desk support for any type of queries
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