Customer Support Director

Core Services | Applicability: Airbus fleet

Airbus Aircraft Family: A220A300 | A310 | A320 | A330 | A340 | A350 | A380

Your voice, within Airbus Services

The Customer Support Director is there to support aircraft operations, from Entry-into-Service preparation and continued right through the operational life, ensuring confidence and the high satisfaction level of Customers.

our 80 Customer Support Directors are positioned around the world and with the collaboration of the In Service Core team and the whole Airbus Services ecosystem, provide full end-to-end support to 600+ Customers be it Airlines, Lessors or MROs. Constantly focusing on how Airbus can improve its day-to-day in-service assistance, the Customer Support Director manages the transversal coordination across Airbus, employing a global way of working at regional level.

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80 Customer Support Directors

Supporting you in each region an Airbus aircraft is operated


Enabling a long-term partnership with Airbus Services, your Customer Support Director synchronises both the Airbus & Customer worlds to simplify exchanges, securising the engagement of the right Airbus stakeholders and optimising time to get a fix ensuring the highest level of safety and reliability. 

Fostering our proximity to Customers

Proximity is a key element in maintaining strong relationships, which is why Airbus has considerably increased its global footprint in recent years, bringing the company closer to its customers to better understand each operator and solve any issues rapidly. 

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core-services 04 February 2020

Map Customer Relationship

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Long-term Customer relationships 01 February 2020


Airbus Customer Services’ prime role is to assist our customers operating safely and profitably their Airbus fleet.

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Long-term Customer relationships 04 February 2020

Airbus employees and Customers in meeting

"Our relationship with Airbus Services is excellent and we thank you for your prompt response."

A Latin American operator


  • Your focal point for all in-service aircraft related activities 
  • Available from Entry-into-Service and right through the operational life
  • Regular visits to share your in-service issues and manage critical topics
  • Set up, deploy and monitor Customer Support activities 
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