Aircraft On Ground Technical Support

Core Services | Applicability: Airbus fleet

Airbus Aircraft Family: A310 | A320 A330 | A340 | A350 | A380

24/7 support worldwide with AIRTAC

The Airbus Technical Aircraft-on-ground Centre (AIRTAC) is a modern facility with dedicated specialist engineers and innovative technology, operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. AIRTAC is part of a wider customer service approach that provides all Airbus operators with global around-the-clock assistance for all aircraft-on-ground & work stoppages matters.

More than just providing a technical answer, our new structure AIRTAC 2.0 assists you end-to-end, until the aircraft returns to normal operations. Setting multi-functional teams to address each operational critical event,Airbus Services delivers a tailored solution to each event, synchronising the whole supply chain, the Airbus Engineering and material preparation.

Major repairs

Following an unexpected event, complex aircraft repairs require specific Airbus investigation. To ensure a smooth return to operations, Airbus Services proposes turnkey solutions for all types of damages, from the technical assessment to the full embodiment, as per Customer requirements. to maximise the damage assessment accuracy, we can also perform an on-site investigation ensured by Part 145 specialists. 

Each major repair solution is approved, certified and included in the aircraft technical documentation. The permanent recording of past events and how we fixed them allows Airbus Services to gain in efficiency and solution definition lead-time, with the supply of pred-defined repair solutions and associated kits.

Engineering Support & Technical Assistance

The Airbus Engineering Support follows and answers more than 70,000 queries per year to help you maintain your Airbus aircraft. This team of experienced engineers is also available to help you with the troubleshooting or repair solution definition of your aircraft. 

Complementary to AIRTAC on urgent operational matters, the Airbus Engineering Support ensures the technical interfacing for routine and complex in-service issues. With on-duty staff to ensure round-the-clock support, we analyse each incident to detect occurrences and better anticipate any Major In-Service Problem which can lead to a potential safety issue.

Assistance can be provided either directly in your premises or piloted from Airbus offices by trained and qualified staff, with all exchanges managed through Airbus TechRequest. If required, a technical team can be sent to your site, on a temporary basis, to support your repairs or urgent troubleshooting. 

Airbus Airworthiness Documentation

Keeping an aircraft airworthy is not an easy task.

Operators face unforeseeable situations daily which can jeopardize the airworthiness of an aircraft.

So to help in all situations, Airbus provides Maintenance and Engineering documentation to cope with these unforeseen events or undocumented instructions. 

We are competent in delivering Airworthiness approved documents (under Design Organisation Approval).

Airbus documentation can be used to support requests to National Airworthiness Authorities.

Airbus Airworthiness Documentation aims to cover any unforeseen event to ensure airworthiness of your aircraft.


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Field Loadable Software

Airbus Aircraft Family: A350 | A380

Airbus Field Loadable Software (FLS) is a fully integrated digital solution that can be installed on board without removing equipment. 

In the meantime and for A350 & A380 operated fleet, Field Loadable Software are electronically delivered through AirbusWorld, allowing to speed up the upload process compared to legacy physical media. Airbus officially launched a dematerialisation project to enlarge the electronic delivery scope to A320 & A330 families from 2021.

The initial Field Loadable Software delivery package includes the eBinder, a copy of all FLS installed on board and shared at delivery of a new aircraft. In operations, Airbus Services also delivers Field Loadable Software to contribute on a new Service Bulletin implementation on your aircraft or in support to solve an AOG situation.


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  • Undisputed aircraft manufacturer technical expertise & deep experience in aircraft operations support
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  • Gain in autonomy with more than 15,000 "In-service Experience" on-line articles (ISI/TFU)
  • Paperless solutions with TechRequest and Field Loadable Software to optimise the time to get a fix
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