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Core Services | Applicability: Airbus fleet

Airbus Aircraft Family: A220 A300 | A310 | A220 | A320 A330 | A340 | A350 | A380

You operate, we care

Airbus devotes significant attention to ensuring a smooth and lean Entry-into-Service for your aircraft. Your key contacts within Airbus Services, the Customer Support Director, Field Service Representative and Flight Operation Support Director will accompany you through a robust Entry-into-Service planning, thoroughly guiding you in preparing the readiness of your materials, spare part initial provisioning, technical documentation, training of your personnel and extended services available to make each EIS a seamless experience.

Your Customer Support Director will assist all along the EIS planning progress to secure a kick start of your aircraft operation.

Field Service on-site support

Qualified engineers and/or spares specialists ("Airbus Representatives") can be assigned to the Customer, on a medium (EIS phases) to long-term period.

Airbus Representatives will be located directly at the Customer's main base or at any other mutually agreed locations.

Technical & Engineering on-site support

If required, a technical team can be sent to your site, on a temporary basis, to support you for a safe Entry-Into-Service.

Following your Entry-Into-Service, Airbus Services also supports you for all critical operational topics related to Aircraft On Ground (AOG), Supply Chain, Embodiment setup as well as any daily query you might have to operate and maintain your Airbus aircraft.


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Around the clock, around the global assistance

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Ground Test Line Maintenance

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  • A mature process to make each Entry-into-Service a success, including leased aircraft
  • A tailored support, backed by an on-site assistance to quickly start your operations
  • Comprehensive support package for a smart Entry-Into-Service and excellence in operations
  • Airbus Services contributes to a safe, reliable and economical start of operations
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