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Fleet Monitoring & In-Service Expertise

Core Services | Applicability: Airbus fleet

Airbus Aircraft Family: A220 | A300 | A310 A320 A330 A340 | A350 | A380

Your fleet performance is our core priority

At Airbus Services, our Programmes Support organisation ensures safe, reliable and economical operations at highest customer satisfaction, for each Airbus commercial aircraft programme (excluding A400M) and with our suppliers. Our core mission is to prepare the Entry-Into-Service of Airbus new programmes and steadily reach the technical and economic performance of the fleet expected by our customers.

To do so, we closely monitor the Airbus fleet performance to secure reliable and economic operations. We also manage development of solutions that resolve key issues and subsequent implementation in the fleet as required with the support of the whole Airbus organization and ecosystem.

We exchange regularly with our Customers and Suppliers, including through specific worldwide events, to review fleet performance and strengthen our trustful collaboration.

Our key challenge is to bring the same level of support to the wide range of our A/C family, from A300 through A350.

The Programme Support organisation actively contributes to the future of Airbus by ensuring that we keep you satisfied at every step.


  • From fleet performance monitoring to customised recommendations through IDOLS and Skywise Reliability (reports, benchmarks...)
  • A proven experience to coordinate corrective actions and improvements (incl. management of Major In-Service Problems)
  • Assisting you in your operational requests related to Airbus suppliers
  • Join us on dedicated symposia Forum with Airlines for Interactive Resolution (FAIR)
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