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Initial Provisioning Solutions

Core Services | Applicability: Airbus fleet | Provided by: SATAIR

Airbus Aircraft Family: A220 A300 | A310 | A220 | A320 A330 | A340 | A350 | A380

Your spares recommendations studies for the best protection at minimum investment

Satair’s Initial Provisioning Solutions consists of two main elements - firstly Material Readiness Support and, secondly, a broad Service offering.

The Material Readiness Support starts with a Material Readiness Roadmap which is created as part of the planning process for an aircraft’s Entry-Into-Service (EIS). Along with this, Satair provides as well the so called Recommended Spare Parts List (RSPL), together with Spares Consulting to help customers select the right parts that will be needed. The Tooling Recommendation completes the provisioning Support.

The Service element of Satair’s provisioning offer primarily covers material availability and stock optimisation. This includes Initial Spares Provisioning Packages as well as Customised Spares Requests e.g. for Fly-Away Kits. The provisioning Service can also include additional recommendations required for aircraft operations such as recommendations for Component Replacement Material


  • A Core support complementary to Airbus Flight Hour Services & Material Services
  • One single interface managing all orders, pricing, claims and lead-times
  • Tailored & cost-efficient Initial Provisioning Packages including buy back options, goods and services credits


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