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Own the sky and operate your Airbus aircraft using the highest aviation standards

Your Airbus Technical Data represents one of the most important asset of owning the sky with accuracy and using the state-of-the-art standards. Airbus provides you with a large set of data and solutions which includes all the information and instruction you need to operate, maintain and repair your Airbus fleet.

Airbus deliver three types of Technical Data Package: Flight Operations Technical Data Package, Maintenance and Engineering Technical Data package and Performance Engineering Program (PEP) package. Our Flight Operations Technical Data Package and PEP Package provide everything you need to facilitate and streamline your daily flight operations. To ensure optimised maintenance tasks for your aircraft, we offer a complete Maintenance & Engineering Technical Data Package tailored to each aircraft configuration.

All our Technical Data solutions are available through your airnavX platform and via the AirbusWorld Customer portal. 

Maintenance & Engineering Technical Documentation Package

  • Technical Data for each relevant domain: Maintenance, Planning, Repair, Engineering
  • An advanced consultation tool with airnavX Browser and an on-line access to all Technical Data, through airnavX MyLibrary
  • Revisions notification services
  • Access to all Mechanical & Tooling drawings on-line and to Repair Drawings upon request (except for A350)
  • Access to all Airbus Manufacturer CMM’s (except for A350) and Equipment Suppliers CMM’s as applicable

Flight Operations Technical Documentation Package

The Airbus Flight Operations Data Package ensures the access and the availability of a complete scope of Technical Data, including:


  • The FCOM (Flight Crew Operating Manual)
  • The QRH (Quick Reference Handbook)
  • The FCTM (Flight Crew Training Manual or A350 Flight Crew Technics Manual)
  • The AFM (Aircraft Flight Manual) includes the approved limitations, procedures and performance and includes the CDL Master (Configuration Deviation List).
  • The MMEL (Master Minimum Equipment List)
  • The CCOM (Cabin Crew Operating Manual)
  • The WBM (Weight & Balance Manual)
  • The APD (Aircraft Performance Data) 
Innovation 21 May 2016

Businesswoman using digital triangle exploding sphere hologram 3D rendering

Businesswoman on blurred background using digital triangle exploding sphere hologram 3D rendering

Innovation 20 October 2016

Airbus digitalises technical data distribution

Airbus is targeting a complete digitalisation of its technical data distribution process by 2017 – an innovative step forward that will further improve customer support, reduce the company’s environmental footprint and generate cost savings

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Helicopters 16 July 2019

Technical Publications

We define, develop, author, assemble, deliver & support technical data products and services

We define, develop, author, assemble, deliver & support technical data products and services

For safe & efficient maintenance and flight operations of your Airbus aircraft.

"Technical documents are well formulated and easy to understand. Airbus has guaranteed the airworthiness of customers’ planes with an efficient and professional attitude."

A Chinese operator


  • Customised data for the complete life cycle of the aircraft
  • Tailored for end-users: what, when & where they need it, in an on-line or off-line mode
  • New technologies (airnavX) to go the step beyond basic manuals
  • Saving you time to focus on your core business
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