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Getting closer to our customer to deliver best-in-class OEM training standards

As the world fleet grows and grows fast; so does the need for more pilots and technicians to meet the needs of airlines and passengers. Airbus forecasts that over the next 20 years more than a million of such professionals will be needed to be trained to the highest aviation standards whose 540,000 new pilots & 550,000 new mechanics. 

Thanks to our manufacturer expertise, Airbus Training Services provide state-of-the-art solutions to ensure safe and efficient operations on all Airbus aircraft throughout their lifecycle. We have designed a comprehensive and tailored training portfolio adapted to your needs, either you are pilots, cabin crews, maintenance and structure specialists.

Our objective is to improve training quality and safety worldwide by harmonising global training standards amongst authorities and airlines. We believe that safety and efficiency are linked and we aim to provide impactful training.

At Airbus Services, we are progressively expanding our training network to support fleet growth worldwide and get closer to you. Over the past four years, we have moved from 5 to 20 training locations, backed by partnership with reputed training providers.


Discover your Airbus Services Training Network

Discover your Airbus Services Training Network

20 locations around the world bringing our standards closer to you


Our ambition is to pursue on this network extension by proposing local, pragmatic and tailored training solutions. These solutions cover the entire pilot and technician career paths, from cadets to their airline operational environment. We accompany you throughout the aircraft lifecycle to screen, train, and maintain your staff competencies. 

Propose the right offer with the right technology, at the right time and in the right place, that’s our ambition as aircraft manufacturer to secure knowledge transfer and sharing of the highest industry standards. Thanks to our integrated standardisation programme, we can ensure that the same quality of training is deployed across our global network, in the whole Airbus training network or at your facilities. 

Our global network of Airbus’ training services and solutions brings Airbus expertise close to our Customers' main base


We maintain a global network of training facilities to ensure it is close to where our customers are – wherever they operate around the world. 

In addition to our training centres in Europe, China, the U.S., India, Singapore, Mexico, Asia and Brazil, Airbus Training Services also operates in Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand, North Africa and the United Arab Emirates.

Discover your Airbus Services Training Network. 

We reach new horizons together

We reach new horizons together

Your training where, when and how you need it


  • Best-in-class industry standards to ensure safe, reliable and eco-efficient operations
  • Covering the entire carrier paths of aviation pilots and technicians
  • Competency-based and tailored courses focused on your operations
  • Opportunity to run your training from mobile solutions, e-Training features or through a wide network of Airbus training centres and partners
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