Aircraft Retirement

Aircraft Retirement

Solutions to facilitate Aircraft retirement

Airbus Services supports all aviation players to safely return to service with a range of dedicated Integrated Services Portfolios. These portfolios of tailored solutions combine adapted aircraft maintenance services, parking management and consulting to help you proactively manage your fleet and enable smarter decision making.

Integrated Services Portfolios

Portfolios adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic

Answering your questions

How to plan a smooth aircraft retirement?

  • Reconsider your strategy: Perform an audit of your current situation (evaluation of your asset, market and trends, fleet strategy and planning, organisational and maintenance strategies), it will help decision-making of keeping or retiring aircraft, as well as adapt operations to new aircraft type transformation.
  • Reduce your maintenance cost: You can easily reduce your maintenance cost with a smart material management; Sourcing, Repair, Certification, Storage and Distribution of both New and Used Serviceable Material parts & Excess Inventory Buy-Back.
  • Maximise the aircraft residual value: Get the most of your aircraft decomissioning, 90% of aircraft parts can be reused or recycled, and components reusable as spare parts represent significant value.


How to manage transition for pilots & crew?

Pilots With Masks A350
  • Train your pilots & crew: Prepare the future to support new fleet operation needs, do an easy transition from one aircraft type to another by training your pilots & crew with Type Rating, Cross Crew Transition, Maintenance and Cabin Crew.

Services portfolio

Airbus Consulting

Flight Operations Consulting by NAVBLUE

Aircraft Dismantling

Material Management Services by Satair

Flight Crew Training Courses

Cabin Crew Training Courses

Maintenance Training Courses

Share your voice

Share your voice

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What kind of support do you need for retirement of aircraft?*

  • Lease transition
  • Parking and Storage
  • Dismantling
  • Finding new Buyers or Lessees

What is your business type? *

  • Airline
  • MRO
  • Supplier
  • Lessor
  • Other


Will aircraft retirements create a potential USM goldmine?

Will aircraft retirements create a potential USM goldmine?

NAVBLUE Flight Operations Consulting

NAVBLUE Flight Operations Consulting
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