Streamlined Flight Operations

Streamlined Flight Operations

Flight Operations solutions to help you deliver safe, on-time services and increase operational efficiency

Air traffic doubles every 15 years raising challenges to safety, reliability, and sustainability of aviation itself.

With more and more aircraft flying and as it gets more challenging for our customers to run their core business, Airbus Services helps delivering on-time services and increasing operational performance.

Together with NAVBLUE, we offer digital user-friendly Flight Operations and Air Traffic Management solutions. By combining innovative products in Flight Operations, major improvements for Navigation and enhanced aircraft systems, we aim at increasing savings and efficiency in operation.

As 550,000 new pilots will be required over the next 20 years, Airbus is committed to support aviation industry growth by offering state-of-the-art training from cadets to experienced captains. Our Training network is extending all around the world with renowned and qualified flight schools for young women and men wiling to join us in the adventure of flying.

Flight Operations Solutions

Airline Flight Ops

Air traffic doubles every 15 years raising challenges to safety, reliability and the sustainability of aviation itself. To support these challenges Airbus created NAVBLUE an Airbus Services Company. the new generation of digital Flight Operations and Air Traffic Management solutions. Offering user centric innovative products as well as major improvements for navigation, it leads to savings and enhanced operations.


Our Portfolio

Navigation +





Landing Surveillance +



Runway Sense

N-Flight Planning




N-Crew Planning

N-Ops & Crew (formerly N-RAIDO)

N-Prediction ADS-B

Documentation suite

Flight Data Analysis suite







GNSS Monitoring by NAVBLUE



RNAV Validation Tool by NAVBLUE

Runway Sense

System Upgrades

With new solutions constantly being developed for future deliveries, Airbus Services is uniquely positioned to retrofit new technologies to in-service fleets. Securing fleet harmonisation, latest performance standards and enhancing passenger experience. 

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Airbus A220-300 cockpit

Our portfolio

Descent Profile Optimisation (DPO)

Single Engine Taxi Without APU

Satcom Iridium

Ipad Mount

A350 EFB Mounting Device

AP/FD TCAS - Traffic Collision Avoidance System

Head Up Display (HUD)

Harmonized PFD (hPFD)

Additional Center Tanks (ACT)

Extended Twin Range Ops (ETOPS)

Weight Variants

Extended Service Goal (ESG)

Fuel Tank Inerting System (FTIS)

Future Air Navigation System (FANS)

ADS-B out

Weather Radar

Halon-free Extinguisher (HAFEX)

Pilot and Flight Operations Training

Cabin Dry Session

Training in aviation faces new challenges every day. Proximity, technology, competitiveness, training for the individual and extended partnerships are the new horizons for today and tomorrow. As the leading aircraft manufacturer, we are taking a proactive initiative to reach these new horizons together with our new services offer.

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Our portfolio

Flight Examiner Training

Flight Instructor Training

Flight Crew Pilot Training

Dry Full Flight Simulator Sessions

Flight eTraining

Performance & Dispatch Training

Electronic Flight Bag Training

Weight and Balance Training

Documentation Training

Safety Management Training

Performance Based Navigation Training

Tech Pilot Training

Aircraft Systems Training

Fuel & Flight Efficiency Training

Flight Integrated Training Solutions

Pilot Cadet Training Programme

Airbus Simulation GO5

GO5 proposes Standard Configuration Packages developed with Airbus latest Training Policy and Aircraft Baseline. Keep your training devices consistent with Airbus’ training curriculum and create the best learning environment possible. Airbus GO5 large portfolio of services allows to receive any specific request.

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A320 Simulator

Our portfolio

Airbus SimPack

GO5 Tailored Services

Flight Operations Expertise and Other Services

A220 300

We are uniquely positioned to provide tailored support to your Flight Operations team, whether it's by supporting you through aircraft transfers or providing fuel services at aircraft delivery. Our Flight Operations expertise services are ready to make sure you're ready to fly. 

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Our portfolio



Fly Away Services Packages



Creating value for the entire aerospace industry

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