Airbus SimPack

Flight Operations | Applicability: Airbus Fleet

Airbus Aircraft program: A300 | A310 | A320 | A330 | A340 | A350 | A380

GO5, your dedicated Airbus simulation provider to develop and manufacture your training devices. 

GO5 proposes Standard Simulator Configuration Packages developed with Airbus' latest Training Policy and Aircraft Baseline.

Airbus SimPack is composed of:

GO5 Hardware

Airbus offers a set of latest generation aircraft cockpit hardware. We provide turnkey solution based on genuine parts and equipment. More than 350 items are provided:

  • Major aircraft avionics
  • Cockpit structures and linings
  • Cockpit command panels
  • Access to cockpit Navigator Tool

Data Package

Airbus simulation data required to design a simulator. It is based on IATA flight simulator design and performance requirements.

Each Data Package contains up to 1,500 documents:

  • Aircraft design data
  • Aircraft modelling data
  • Aircraft operation & maintenance data
  • Aircraft validation data
  • Aircraft sounds & vibration data

Simulation Software Packages

Software-based models reproducing aircraft systems such as:

  • Electronic Flight Control System (EFCS) simulation package
  • Flight Warning System (FWS) simulation package
  • Network Server System (NSS)
  • Natural Flight Loop models: GRM, Aerodynamics, etc.
  • Engine models
Airbus Simulation GO5


  • Highest quality & fidelity with real and new aircraft parts & equipment
  • Optimised leadtime
  • Guaranteed compatibility with future updates
  • Obsolescence management and technical expertise
  • Best approach for subjective test during initial qualification
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