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GNSS Monitoring by NAVBLUE

Flight Operations | Applicability: Mixed fleet | Provided by: NAVBLUE

Airbus Aircraft Family: A300 | A310 | A320 | A330 | A340 | A350 | A380 | Other

NAVBLUE has developed the GNSS Monitoring by NAVBLUE system to provide recording and analysis of GNSS performance, near real-time monitoring & alerting and performance/integrity prediction.

GNSS Monitoring by NAVBLUE system’s main functions are to:

  • Monitor and record GNSS signal availability
  • Detect unexpected system outages and generate alerts
  • Allow airports to detect interference (including jamming) or spoofing


  • Ensure compliance with ICAO Annex 10 requirements
  • Enables quick reaction in case of signal drop
  • Get legal recording of GNSS signals
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