Flight Operations | Applicability: Mixed fleet | Provided by: NAVBLUE

N-RAIM Prediction Experts

N-RAIM service allows operators to obtain RAIM predictions for RNAV and RNP operations. For challenging airports, where RNP AR APCH approaches may be in use, along track predictions using the real mask angle to account for terrain screening.

How does it work?

N-RAIM services comprises 3 delivery channels:

  • N-RAIM Prediction Web - a self-service web portal
  • N-RAIM Prediction Scheduled - daily RAIM prediction reports delivered by e-mail or AFTN
  • N-RAIM Prediction On-Demand - integrated with trip / flight planning


  • Global Leaders for RAIM Prediction
  • Multi-channel deliveries
  • Using the latest data
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