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Pilot Flight Crew Training

Flight Operations | Applicability: Airbus fleet

Airbus Aircraft Family:  A300 | A310 | A320 | A330 | A340 | A350 | A380

Your competence management, our long-term commitment!

We accompany the airlines all the way through to screen, train, and maintain pilots’ competencies throughout their career path, by proposing a fully  integrated training programme from Ab Initio to Ops qualifications.

Our courses are designed to develop operationally-ready pilots for a smooth integration from a training to an operational environment, via new learning concepts centred on competences: competency-based training and assessment is already deployed across our curriculum.

Thanks to an extended worldwide training network, we offer local, pragmatic and cost-effective training solutions.

Our courses are all fully compliant with EASA requirements. Other approvals are also valid depending on the training location.

Some of these courses can also be carried out within the operator's facilities, if they possess the required training equipment. 

Flight Pilot Training

Basic Pilot Training

Our basic pilot training covers all the training necessary for a pilot to be qualified on an Airbus aircraft. Within our offer, the training will be adapted according to the previous experience of the pilot, from pilots without experience on multi-jet aircraft or multi-crew co-operation environment, to experienced pilots on a fly-by-wire aircraft.

Our training offer covers all the phases necessary to obtain endorsement of the Type Rating qualification up to In-Flight experience within the operator.

Type-Rating Courses

  • A300/ A310 / A340 / A380 Type-Rating (Standard Transition Course)
  • A320 Competency-based Type Rating (Standard Transition Course)
  • A330 Competency-based Type Rating (Standard Transition Course)
  • Language Adapted Type-Rating (Adapted Transition Course)
  • Same Type-Rating Familiarization (to address all aircraft variants) [e-Course]

Intermediate modules can be added to the Type Rating training to provide a fully integrated training solution:

  • Instrument Rating reinforcement
  • Multi-engine exposure
  • Jet Orientation Course
  • Multi Crew cockpit co-operation

Difference courses

  • Cross-crew Qualification (Reduced Type-Rating Course)
  • Difference Training Course (From A330 to A350)
  • Difference Training Course (From A350 to A330)

Base Training & Zero Flight Time Training

  • Base Flight Training
  • Zero Flight Time Training
  • FFS Handling

Line Flying Under Supervision (LIFUS)

  • Initial Operating Experience (IOE)

Flight or Course Interruption                                                                              

  • Refresher Course                                        

Upset Prevention and Recovery Training:  

  • Aeroplane Upset Prevention and Recovery Course for Pilot

***Basic pilot training can be enriched with one or several of our extended pilot training courses (e.g. HUD, ETOPS, System Familiarization courses) which can be found in the next section.

Extended Pilot Training

Our extended pilot training courses enables the operators to maintain pilots’ competencies, to extend it in order to manage special operations  (HUD, LVO… ),and to address specific training for on-board systems of its fleet.

Furthermore, we offer the capacity to accompany the operator to upgrade their pilots from First Officers to Captains.

The courses are a combination of theoretical, practical or e-Learning courses, to optimise training time and cost-efficiency

The courses are all fully compliant with EASA requirements.

  • ETOPS (Extended Twin Operations)
  • LVO (Low Visibility Operations)
  • HUD (Head up Display) Course
  • Command Course    
  • Recurrent Training
  • Recurrent Training and Checking
  • Airbus Crew Resource Management


Expert Pilot Training

In addition to our basic & extended pilot training courses,  we offer expert pilot training courses for your specific needs.

Expert Pilot Training:

  • Three-engine Ferry
  • Technical Flight Familiarization
  • Technical Flight Familiarization Recurrent
  • Fleet Technical Pilot
  • Maintenance Course for Pilots


  • A reference for global and local Airworthiness Authorities
  • Highest quality standards built upon latest fleet & regulatory requirements
  • Operational benefits and savings
  • Full integrated training programme from Ab Initio to Ops qualifications
  • OEM Expertise
  • Committed to provide “ready-to-fly” pilots 
  • Competency-based training and assessment deployed across our curriculum
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