Flight Instructor Training

Flight Operations | Applicability: Airbus fleet

Airbus Aircraft Family:  A300 | A310 | A320 | A330 | A340 | A350 | A380

We offer a unique, highly recognised people-centred programme to train-the-trainer, available for future or experienced pilot instructors to acquire the competencies to conduct flight crew training within the airline, but also extend and refresh their knowledge.

The courses are composed of different modules allowing qualification as a simulator instructor (Synthetic Flight Instructor - SFI or restricted TRI) to in-flight aircraft training (full Type-Rating Instructor - TRI).

Courses are adapted based on the applicants’ experience (Initial, Extension or Cross Instructor Qualification courses).

We also offer Refresher courses for current instructors.

Our courses are all fully compliant with EASA requirements. Other approvals are also valid according to the training location.

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 Flight Instructor Training
Streamlined Flight Operations 07 May 2019

Flight Instructor Training

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Flight Instructor Training
Flight Training 11 September 2019

Flight Instructor Training

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Basic Instructor Training

The Type Rating Instructor course is composed of different modules, allowing you to adapt the training course according to the scope of your instructor activity.

The core module focuses on teaching and learning techniques, and is then complemented by the Type Specific FSTD module. 

The Type Specific Aeroplane modules (Full Flight Simulator FIF* & Flight FIF*) can then be followed, if required, in order to qualify as a restricted TRI (on FSTD) or fully qualified TRI.

The ground phase (core module) related to the teaching and learning process can be held at airlines’ base.

*Flight Instructor Familiarisation

Extended Instructor Training

The Type-rating Instructor Extension course (APIC Transition) will allow the operators to extend Instructors’ competencies to deliver a Type Rating course on a new type of aircraft, to instruct the issue, revalidation and renewal of the new relevant Type-Rating. 

The ground phase (Core course) related to the teaching and learning process can be held at customers’ base.

Expert Instructor Training

In addition to our basic and extended instructor training courses, we offer a core refresher course for experienced instructors, that review key points of effective training:

We also propose Upset Prevention and Recovery Training for instructors:


  • A reference for global and local Airworthiness Authorities
  • Highest quality standards built upon latest fleet & regulatory requirements
  • Operational benefits and savings
  • Full integrated training programme from Ab Initio to Ops qualifications
  • OEM Expertise
  • Committed to provide “ready-to-fly” pilots 
  • Competency-based training and assessment deployed across our curriculum


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