Performance Based Navigation Training

Aircraft Availability | Applicability: Mixed fleet

Airbus Aircraft Family: A300 A310 | A320 | A330 | A340 | A350 | A380

These trainings are offering generic introductions on RNP AR for A350/A320 pilots and dispatchers as well as on ICAO Performance Based Navigation (PBN) concept.

NAVAC1 - RNP AR for A350/A320

Airbus Aircraft Applicability: A350 | A320

This e-training is a generic introduction to RNP AR for pilots and dispatchers as a pre-requisite to training tailored to RNP AR operations for a specific airport. Two versions are available: A350 or A320. The technical basis of this eLearning course reflects the A350 or A320 FCOM.

The course comprises 10 modules. This e-Training covers the necessary elements for the A350/A320 Required Navigation Performance - Authorization Required (RNP AR) ground training for qualified crews and dispatchers. Completion of all modules is mandatory for initial training, and a good source of information for recurrent training.

Targeted population: Pilots and dispatchers intending to undertake RNP AR operations with the A350/A320.

NAVAC2 - Performance Based Navigation for air traffic controllers

Airbus Aircraft Applicability: A300 | A310 A320 | A330 | A340 | A350 | A380

The ICAO Performance Based Navigation (PBN) concept now makes up a significant part of the Air Traffic Controllers Officers' (ATCOs) operational environment. It is crucial for ATCOs to understand this new concept so they can effectively support PBN operations and the aircraft operators using PBN.

Target population: the PBN e-learning is aimed at ATCOs working or about to work in a PBN environment.

XG50 - RNP AR – Train the Trainer


Applicability: Mixed fleet upon request

Airbus Aircraft Family:  A320 | A330 | A350

This training is designed for TRI/TRE who would like to organise an RNP AR training within their airline. It could also be useful for Flight Operations Inspectors (FOI) in charge of reviewing RNP AR operational approval dossier prepared by airlines willing to operate RNP AR procedures.


The training is divided into 2 parts:

#01 Ground/Knowledge part:

  • Theory of Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) with focus on RNP AR
  • Applicable Regulations (ICAO – EASA – FAA)
  • RNP AR instrument approach procedures
  • AIRBUS Operational Documentations
  • AIRBUS normal RNP AR operations
  • AIRBUS abnormal RNP AR operations

#02 Flight/Skill part, based on a generic airport:

  • Syllabus
  • 4h Full Flight Simulator session (per 2 trainees)


A complete review of RNP AR operations will be given, but the main objective is to brief pilots and / or flight inspectors on their tasks, roles and responsibilities when it comes to operate RNP AR procedures.

The knowledge developed during the ground course will be applied in a full flight simulator on generic airports and procedures.


Thanks to this training, trainees will get an acute theoretical and practical understanding of RNP AR operations and a certificate of attendance will be delivered.

In addition to the core training content, the flight part can be customized to address specific procedures, in which case the pricing will be adjusted accordingly. As well, the ground part can be completed with specific material regarding the RNP AR Operations Approval Process.

You may also be interested in the E-learning RNP AR (Ref NAVAC1).


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