Start your pilot career with the Airbus Pilot Cadet Programme

Your Airbus boarding pass to the future!

Join us to live a unique experience, progressively accompanied by our qualified pilot instructors and ab initio experts, guided by the pioneers of the aerospace.

More pilots will be required to operate our customers' fleets: you could be one of them!

Airbus Flight Academy Instructor
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Pilot Cadet Training programme

Discover the Pilot Training Programme

Discover the Pilot Training Programme

From screening to pilot qualification

Why choose Airbus?

Why choose Airbus?

Your best partner to start your pilot career

How is the Airbus Pilot Cadet Training Programme different?

  • Optimise training curriculum to provide progressive training adapted to the individual for operationally ready pilots
  • Prioritises the development of the fundamental pilot competences
  • Focuses on quality: up-to-date programmes to latest fleet & regulatory standards
  • Reflects Airbus training philosophy: engaging and effective training pathway
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The pilot trainee will interact with a training partner and with the Airbus instructor or a virtual instructor, being located in the same room or anywhere else.

Discover the future of training

Airbus brings a cockpit to you with new Virtual Reality Flight Trainer

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