Pilot Cadet Training Programme

Benefit from the highest quality in training, incorporating the latest Airbus Flight Training standards and worldwide experience in pilot training to become a commercial airline pilot.

Focusing on the all-important development of key pilot technical and behavioural competencies, the Airbus Pilot Cadet Training Programme aims to equip cadets, from day one, with the skills and mind-set required to become an airline pilot.

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Training Programme

Jump on board to take benefit from a complete and fully integrated Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) programme built upon Airbus’ high standards and worldwide experience in pilot training. In more details:

  • Type: EASA based integrated ATPL
  • Ground course: over 750h of theoretical ATPL training
  • Flight hours: 200h of practical training
  • Duration: approx. 18 months

The Airbus Pilot Cadet Training programme is carried out in one of the locations in the Airbus Training network. You will begin ab-initio initial phases with one of our experienced Flight school partners, then could perform intermediate and advanced training in one of our EASA approved Training Centres.

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What Is Pilot Cadet Training Enac Easa


ENAC Contract Signature 2
  • Min 18 years of age
  • High School diploma (including Mathematics)
  • English equivalent to ICAO: 
  1. Level 3 - minimum ICAO 
  2. Level 4 pre type rating
  • Medical Class 1 (after on-line screening)


Why choose Airbus?

Airbus Flight Academy 060
  • EASA based integrated ATPL programme
  • Competency-based training & assessment programme: prioritises the development & assessment of the fundamental pilot competencies
  • Course designed to produce operationally-ready pilots: for smooth integration from the training environment to the operational environment
  • Optimised training curriculum to provide progressive cost-effective training for the individual to maximise the development of each pilot’s competencies
  • Airbus up-to-date programmes to latest fleet & regulatory standards
  • Optional licence conversion course


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