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Airbus Pilot Cadet Training Programme


What is the Airbus Pilot Cadet Training Programme?

Ab Initio means from the beginning. “Ab Initio flight training” refers to the initial phases of commercial pilot training.

The integrated Airbus Pilot Cadet Training Programme is designed to allow someone with no flying experience, to become operational on Airbus aircraft as an Airbus Pilot (and also as an Instructor and Captain), by providing the ab initio phases of training, as well as the later ones.

Providing the ab-initio phases, allows us to accompany future pilots throughout their flight training, to obtain a commercial pilot’s license as well as to become type-rated later on and able to fly Airbus aircraft.

What Is Pilot Cadet Training Updated


This Programme nurtures a new generation of Airbus ambassadors and when an airline purchases Airbus aircraft, they can also recruit future pilots directly from our Training Programme.

It is designed to provide a harmonious curriculum throughout, incorporating Airbus flight training standards and competency-based training and assessment, even  in the selection phase.

We ensure future pilots can transition smoothly from a training environment to an operational airline environment and we also facilitate access to those airlines thanks to our customer relationships with them.

You will begin ab-initio phases of training within our network of flight schools and finish the later phases of training in one of our Training Centres.

Where is it available and how do I apply for next course dates?

The Programme is available from any of the Flight Schools/Training Centres within the Airbus network, which we are developing globally.

The below table contains the list of Flight Schools where you can begin your training and we will update this on an ongoing basis.

Please note that certain conditions may apply to some flight schools and don’t forget to check the pre-requisites before applying.

Name of Flight School Location Next Course Dates How to Apply Who can apply?
Escuela de Aviación Mexico Mexico



Click here to apply Only Mexican-born nationals
Airbus Flight Academy Europe France

May &

September 2021

Click here to apply

All nationalities with the right to live and study in France

When you apply online, you can immediately perform the Online Assessment (duration approximately 20mins). No preparation or personal documents are required for this.

In the following weeks, you will then be informed if you have successfully passed the Online Assessment and receive an email invitation to attend a further 1 – 2 day On-Site Assessment at the local flight school. This invitation contains full details you will require in order to organise your arrival on-site.

What is the deadline for applications?

Applications are open 24/7 and if you are successful, you will be allocated to the next available course date.


Deadline For Applications Timeline

What are the pre-requisites?

Please find below and for further details or for any questions relating to your particular circumstances, please contact the local flight school.

  • Min 18 years of age
  • High School diploma (including Mathematics)
  • Equivalent to English level ICAO 3*
  • Medical Class 1 valid for flight school country (only required for on-site screening)
  • Mexican Nationality (only for the course in Mexico)
  • The legal right to travel, stay and study in country of local flight school for which you are applying eg. passport or local visa if necessary
  • No experience of flight training

Please note: If you already have some flight training experience, please contact the local flight school to discuss how you could join the Programme.

*You are not required to have any formal English certification however ICAO Level 3 or equivalent of English is necessary to be able to understand and perform the assessment.

Please find the ICAO Level 3 definition below:


Pronunciation, stress, rhythm, and intonation are influenced by the first language or regional variation and frequently interfere with ease of understanding.

Basic grammatical structures and sentence patterns associated with predictable situations are not always well controlled.

Errors frequently interfere with meaning.

Vocabulary range and accuracy are often sufficient to communicate effectively on common, concrete, and work-related topics but range is limited and the word choice often inappropriate.

Is often unable to paraphrase successfully when lacking vocabulary.

Produces stretches of language, but phrasing and pausing are often inappropriate.

Hesitations or slowness in language processing may prevent effective communication.

Fillers are sometimes distracting.

Comprehension is often accurate on common, concrete, and work-related topics when the accent or variety used is sufficiently intelligible for an international community of users.

May fall to understand a linguistic or situational complication or an unexpected turn of events.

Responses are sometimes immediate, appropriate, and informative.

Can initiate and maintain exchanges with reasonable ease on familiar topics and in predictable situations.

Generally inadequate when dealing with an unexpected turn of events.

What if I already have some flight training experience?

If you already have some flight training experience, please contact the local flight school to discuss how you could join the Programme.

What is the selection process?

The selection process consists of two parts:

    1. The Online Assessment (you do this at the same time as you make your application)

Objective: To measure your physical and cognitive skills, Mathematical & English aptitudes and situational awareness (combined test assessing several aptitudes simultaneously)

Equipment Required: Computer/laptop with internet access, keyboard and mouse, audio headphones

Location: Anywhere (not on-site)

Duration: Approximately 20mins

Fee: $40USD*

    2. The On-Site Assessment (for those who pass the Online Assessment)

Candidates who pass the Online Assessment will then be invited by email to attend a further 1-2 day On-Site Assessment at the local flight school. The invitation will contain all further information you need to know.

Equipment: Provided

Location: On-site at the local flight school. Further details will be provided in the invitation you receive.

Duration: 1-2 days

Fee: Please contact local flight school. Prepaid before arrival. Bank details included in invitation.

First half-day:

  • Aptitude test: Eye/hand/foot coordination / eye-hand coordination / Short term memory / Mental arithmetic (Maths) / Orientation / Multi-tasking / Mental agility / English assessment, verbal reasoning, Physics technical test
  • Personality test

Second half-day:

  • Group exercises
  • Individual interview: An interview to ascertain motivation and further assess English level
  • Simulator assessment:

            - Demonstrate ability to progress in a new environment:

            - Workload management

            - Situation awareness

            - Visual scan & coordination

            - Mathematics (mental arithmetic)

*We cannot accept any reimbursement claims for assessments.

How can I prepare before applying?

We are looking for applicants who are enthusiastic about the world of aviation and who are keen to become a pilot. There is no specific preparation to do before you apply.

Please see details on the selection process and pre-requisites before applying, which will allow you to prepare yourself as much as possible.

How long does the course last?

  • The full course duration is approximately 20 - 22 months including Type rating
  • The initial phase is approx. 18 months. These 18 months include approximately 8 months for the ground training (ATPL theory)

For further details or for any questions relating to your particular circumstances, please contact the local flight school.

What happens once I become a qualified pilot?

If you successfully complete the full programme, you will become a qualified pilot with a frozen ATPL (integrated Airline Transport Pilot Licence) and able to operate Airbus aircraft.

How do I start work at an airline?

Once you complete your qualification, you will be able to apply directly to Airlines.

We accompany all Airbus ambassadors who qualify from our Training Programme and help support them not only by ensuring they become an operational pilot qualified to Airbus standards - but also by continuously working with airline partners to facilitate this. Especially in this period, we are supporting as best we can pilot cadets finding post training opportunities via our airline customer base.

Do I become an Airbus employee?

Once you complete your qualification, you do not automatically become an Airbus employee but you can choose to train and apply to become an Airbus instructor in one of our Training Centres if you wish.

How much does the programme cost?

  • Application Process fees (payable in full & in advance by the applicant):

- Online assessment: $40USD

- On-site assessment: Please contact local flight school

  • For Training Programme fees, please contact the local flight school

Please note:

Living expenses (meals and accommodation) are not included however our flight schools can support you. Please contact them for further details.

For any questions relating to your particular circumstances, our local flight schools will be happy to support & discuss further with you.

Is there any help to fund my training?

We are working closely with banks and airlines and hope to be able to provide financing solutions soon to help you fund your pilot training.

Currently, Airbus itself does not finance individual cadets. However our flight schools partners have developed partnerships with local banks to help with student loans.

For further details or for any questions relating to your particular circumstances, do not hesitate to contact the local flight school here to support you.

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