Enhanced In-flight Experience

Enhanced In-flight Experience

Tailored on-board solutions improving passenger comfort, safety and connectivity

At Airbus Services we know the flight path to a destination is as important as the destination itself, enhancing in-flight experience is a key challenge.

We offer the latest in connectivity solutions, tailored cabin modifications and technologically advanced on-board retrofit solutions for fleet harmonisation, latest performance standards and a unique flight experience. We aim for the best for you and your passengers.
Our efficient and innovative training solutions for cabin crews include a well-balanced combination of theoretical and practical training supported by virtual and interactive tools such as eTraining and 360° Virtual Cabin.

Cabin Upgrades

Cabin Upgrades

The cabin is one of the most important assets in an aircraft, it is your key differentiator translating your marketing positioning. Willing to be even more connected in the air like at home, passengers expectations are evolving towards more comfort, more connectivity and tailored on-board services. Airbus Services provides the highest standard on integrated solutions, from light cabin refurbishment to full reconfiguration, while encompassing the power of leading-edge digital insights.

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Our portfolio

LED Lighting (CLEDU)



Space Flex

Tailored Layout Reconfiguration

Customised Lavatories

Combined Lower Deck Mobile Crew Rest

ICE Rear Galley & Lavatory

Max Pax (188 PAX Solution)

A320 FWD Monument Integrated CAS (MiCAS)

Camera Based Video Surveillance System (CVMS)

Passenger-SFE 3530 Swift

Off Seat Power Supply

Airspace XL Bins

"Classic Cabin" Central Ceiling Stowage


Airbus Connectivity Platform

Embodiment Connectivity

Cabin Crew Training & Solutions

Airbus Services is committed to support worldwide fleet growth with customised training services, offering uncompromised quality on your doorstep. No one is better placed than Airbus Services to assist you in establishing the cabin crewing competences required for a safe and comfortable in-flight experience with your Airbus aircraft.

Enhanced knowledge of Airbus aircraft and cabin systems widely contributes to cabin crews' optimum service on-board and passengers' full satisfaction. With a smart combination of interactive media and "Learning by doing" approach, training attendees can optimize their learning time and adapt teaching rhythm to their needs. From standard classroom to autonomous eLearning, our Customers benefit from Airbus multi-qualified and experienced cabin crew instructors and latest learning software.

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Cabin Crew Training and Solutions

Our portfolio

Cabin Crew Basic Training

Cabin Crew Extended Training

Cabin Crew eTraining

Virtual Handset Trainer

Flight Attendant Panel Trainer

360° Virtual Cabin

Cabin Training Suites



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