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360° Virtual Cabin

In-Flight Experience | Applicability: Airbus fleet

Airbus Aircraft Family: A320 | A330 | A340 | A350 | A380

The 360° Virtual Cabin is an integrated training media which replicates the real & entire aircraft cabin of the airline via 360° photos.

It aims at familiarizing cabin crews with the localization of the cabin safety equipment and the main cabin components.

It enables cabin access in a virtual & customized environment to the airline: trainees can view, locate the safety equipment and the main cabin components in a realistic and interactive environment and to learn thanks to the integrated media.

The 360° Virtual Cabin can be used as a standalone or integrated solution in Airline learning platform. It is accessible from any device and available with operating systems such as Android, Windows and IOS.

The 360° Virtual Cabin includes:

  • 360° photos of the Cabin in HD quality with interactive pop-up windows that provide information (photos - movies - texts) on components visible in the 360° photo environments
  • Edition mode allowing evolution of the pop-up windows by the Airline
  • Application frame customized to the Airline’s graphical chart
  • User guide to explain how the application works and how the Airline can customize it with their own content (please refer to the Standard Commercial Offer for details)


  • Application can be customized to the airline using their own logo, graphical chart and to their specific aircraft configuration and equipment.
  • Cost-effective training solutions to replace costly physical aircraft visits and to support the Airline’s classroom training for initial and recurrent training in a customised environment.
  • Increased Training Efficiency
  • Navigable and interactive 360° environment making the training more interactive and attractive.
  • Increase motivation, leading to better training results,
  • Cabin Crew can practice self-study to learn and refresh at their own pace.
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