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Flight Attendant Panel Trainer

In-Flight Experience | Applicability: Airbus fleet

Airbus Aircraft Family: A320 | A330 | A340 | A350 | A380

The Flight Attendant Panel (FAP) trainer is a simulation software which replicates the real FAP installed onboard. It allows interactive simulation of failures and events related to the main cabin systems and functions.

This software also enables Customer specific Cabin Layout Customization (such as seats configuration,…).

The FAP offers an outstanding “learning by doing” approach in using virtual & interactive tools. This enables trainees to optimise their learning time and adapt teaching rhythm to their needs.

The Flight Attendant Panel is proposed to airlines for a minimum of five years, renewable.

Course Objective

  •        To provide cabin crew and/or maintenance crew with hands-on training on the operation of the FAP and associated features.
  •        To support the training of your personnel on how to operate, control, monitor and program the Cabin Intercommunication Data System 

Course Content

  •         The FAP and simulation software;
  •         Instructor Operating Station (IOS) with exercises and simulation failures and warnings;
  •         Configuration tool to enable modifications of the FAP configuration (offering most of the configuration options than the real FAP)
  •        Electronic documentation for installation and end-user.

The FAP Trainer solution provides on-site availability of Airbus training media, pedagogy, courseware and methods.  

Course Deployment

The installation is done by the Customer. Airbus provides the Customer with:

  •        DVD +dongles with the installation guides
  •        24/7 Hotline support and updates of courseware and software     


  • Instructor led training mode (in a classroom)  and/or as ‘free play’ (self study)
  • To practise and gain experience using a virtual FAP
  • Combined and balanced theoretical and practical training, supported by virtual and interactive tools
  • Reduce Time spent on training on aircraft
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