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In-Flight Experience | Applicability: Mixed fleet | Provided by: AIRBUS Interiors Services    

Airbus Aircraft Family: A310 | A320 | A330 | A340 | A350 | A380 | Other

The Airbus solution for fast digital cabin inspection, improving your maintenance activities in terms of workload, quality and safety.

SmartCheck is a turnkey solution covering all emergency equipment, consisting of:

  • RFID tags on selected equipment, such as life vests and oxygen containers
  • Mobile handheld devices with barcode, RFID reading capability and WiFi, 3G Connection
  • Dedicated software, integrating digital LOPAs (Location Of Passenger Accommodations)
  • Cloud-based server for central service management and reporting/monitoring function
  • Engineering support
  • Regulatory support

It simplifies the process of checking serviceability, security, presence and expiry date by location of each item of safety equipment in the aircraft: thanks to SmartCheck, you simply need to walk through the aircraft with the RFID handheld reader & no more visual check and associated paper and administrative work.

SmartCheck is fully customisable to your needs and to your fleet (Airbus and non-Airbus). The solution is available linefit and retrofit.


  • Reduce aircraft ground time for presence inspection and expiry date checks (up to 99% time saving)
  • Fast and simple digital cabin inspection (less than 5mn for A350XWB cabin)
  • Enhance the dispatch reliability of the aircraft
  • Improve working conditions for inspection and maintenance personnel
  • Decrease aircraft maintenance costs
  • Airbus solution for fleet agnostic, linefit & retrofit


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