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Camera based Video Surveillance System (CVMS)

In-Flight Experience | Applicability: Airbus fleet | Provided by: AIRBUS Interiors Services

Airbus Aircraft Family: A320 | A330 | A340 | A350 | A380

The Camera-based Video Surveillance System (CVMS) is a stand-alone system that enhances prevention onboard for both your passengers and crew members. It is available in retrofit for both cabin and cargo-hold, and suitable for most of Airbus aircraft families, from A320 to A380.

Based on the latest technologies, installation of this upgradable solution is tailored to your aircraft fleet and requirements.

The system comprises four main devices: cameras, a distribution unit, a digital video recorder and a control panel cabin layout and cargo compartment configuration.


  • Stand-alone system for ready-to-use cabin video surveillance
  • Compatible for both cabin and cargo-hold
  • Enhanced on-board prevention
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